Vinicius celebrates his goal against Levante

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He Real Madrid achieved the third consecutive victory so far League, after drawing their first game of the season against the Real society, after winning at I raised by 0-2. A duel in which the protagonism was divided between several footballers, including a Vinicius Junior going through a good individual moment.

Vinicius signed the first, Benzema scored the second and final goal in discount, while Courteous he held the victory by the minimum until 94 ‘with his saves. Meanwhile Sergio Ramos he sneaked into the equation with a goal disallowed for an offside that he signaled Munuera Montero and that confirmed the WHERE, but that more and more fans question whether it was such and if the lines are well drawn.

Although it was the Brazilian winger the main actor. The ex of Flamengo it is sweet. This goal against Levante in the The Ceramic Stadium -the field of Villarreal and in which he asked to play the granota team to finish the works in the Valencia city– joins the one he scored last Wednesday also in a La Liga match.

Vinicius celebrates his goal against Levante


In front of Valladolid, in the first game for Real Madrid in the Of Stefano In this start of the 2020/2021 season, Vinicius was the author of the only goal of the match between those of Zidane and the blanquivioleta team. Just four days later, the winger was in charge of opening the can against Levante at La Céramica.

Samba returns

Vinicius is already smiling. After his injury in his first season as a Real Madrid player, the long recovery process left him KO for the second half of the season and when he was able to play again, he was left without options in front of other teammates who had been playing regularly and meeting with Zidane as coach after having played for Lopetegui and to Solar.

The following campaign did not have it easy either and was the focus of criticism for his mistakes in front of the door. His completion was questioned, a facet that has not stopped working in the team’s training sessions and always with the help of Zidane and, above all, of a Benzema who has partly sponsored him in the dressing room.

If Real Madrid’s now ’20’ has always shown something, it is that it can contribute different things to the team. Electricity, dribbling and speed per band. A real headache for rival defenses who were asked for greater aim. The player works to improve his definition, while recovering his ‘samba’ to help the white team.

Confidence to improve

At this start of the season, the French coach has shown his closet fund and has already used 22 players in just four games. In two of them, a Vinicius who already accumulates two goals and who is Real Madrid’s top scorer in the league start has started.

Vinicius controlling the ball

Vinicius controlling the ball


Zidane himself referred to him at a press conference after a journalist asked him about Vinicius’ failures. “Today has gotten. What am I going to ask? We work and so does he. Try to improve. I’m not going to talk to you about a failure, I’m going to talk to you about the positive, about his goal that was beautiful, “said the French coach before the media.

Vinicius also referred to it and did not hide that he could have finished the game with more goals to his credit: “We are happy for today’s victory. I am happy for the goal, but I missed one that I cannot miss.” “I am happy to be in the right place, at the right time. The important thing is to continue helping Real Madrid,” added the Brazilian player.

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