Vinicius' physical commitment to Zidane and Real Madrid

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Discipline and commitment. They are two values ​​that any workforce craves, but they are not always obtained to the highest degree. He Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane found in confinement the ‘click’ that led to a new dimension those circumstances that later converged to obtain a League. But there is one player in particular who is using the cult of his body as the reason to keep improving: Vinicius Jr.

The Brazilian winger continues to share that extra physical work that he does in addition to training with the rest of the squad. Vini is reaching a perfect physical point, he does not want to see that another is better, his obsession with being the best leads him to exercise every day to the fullest. Give one hundred percent is tattooed on the young white attacker’s head.

Vini has promised that every time Zidane looks at him, he is in the best possible physical tone. If that day he does not enter the eleven, or the field, it will not be for him. The competition in this team and with that shield that he wears on his chest is maximum, so he knows that he will not always play. But also those same circumstances force that his physical, metal and sports condition is always the best.

Vinicius has been understanding for a long time what it means to play for Real Madrid. In this season, his third as a merengue player, he is even more obliged to take a bigger leap. If the Brazilian has part of Real Madrid in his pocket, he still has a long way to go to be part of the history of this team, a dream in which he is committed as he makes clear every time he speaks. That drive for a hat-trick is just the tip of the iceberg of this player’s ambition.

The physicist with Zidane

Zidane has long been able to detect where the football of tomorrow was leading: a football where physicality is as important as talent. More and more players whose body has superior capabilities than the rest stand out more and more, with a detailed measurement of aspects such as weight, training and other peculiarities, such as the ‘Paleolithic’ diet of Marcos Llorente or the custom of Lewandowski of sleeping lying on the opposite side of his good leg.

Every time the footballers take care of themselves more and that translates into a better physique of the teams. Zidane knows it and together with Gregory dupont, the physical trainer of the first team, has been insisting his players about it during the last year. Real Madrid has evolved to this trend, in which surely a few years ago it was only, in its maximum expression, Cristiano Ronaldo.

It has also been instilled in the youngest. Surprising to see the enormous physical evolution of Vinicius Y Rodrygo since they arrived at Real Madrid. More volume and more power in the Brazilians to perform under the demands of European football.

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