Zinedine Zidane, during the Champions League tie against Manchester City

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The bad luck of injuries has appeared in Valdebebas this week. Zidane has seen how in just seven days they were injured Kroos, Hazard, Carvajal Y Odriozola. Three key players and one of their spare parts have put the Real Madrid that trusts that the stoppage of selections serves to appease this plague of physical problems.

The first was Toni. On Monday the white team made official that the German midfielder suffers from muscle problems in the left gluteus medius. It is expected to be out, at least, until this next week. In fact, he has been called up by the German national team, which will evaluate his status. The German had to be substituted almost on the brink of the break of the crash against the Real Betis last week. with a slight limp and bringing his hand to the back of the thigh.

Then came the blow with Eden. This time it wasn’t the ankle, the only reason to sigh. The club reported that he suffers a muscle injury to his right leg, an issue that would cause him to miss three to four weeks. There are two months that he has not played a match, so the situation with the ‘7’ is worrying. Zidane has been in charge of transmitting tranquility after he stressed that his damn joint is in perfect condition. Will try to be for him Classic at the end of the month.

Zinedine Zidane, during the Champions League tie against Manchester City


Friday they would not arrive best news. Carvajal withdrew from the training session that day amid gestures of pain. Shortly after, an injury to the internal lateral ligament of her right knee was confirmed, a rather complicated area of the joint due to the difficulty of fully recovering the good condition of the knee once it had been overcome. Two months, at least, off the pitch.

This supposed that it promoted the candidacy of Odriozola. But the jump lasted a day. The one who should be Dani’s relief will also have to go through the infirmary due to a problem in her left calf. It is expected that he will be away between two and three weeks and hasten his recovery to return after the national team break, but his real goal is to return with the start of the Champions. Further, Mariano diaz continues to recover after tonsil surgery and Eder Militao takes his last steps after overcoming muscle problems that have prevented him from starting the season.

A preparation against time

The Covid-19 has done that this season preparation has been more special than ever. With only a month of preseason and a test match, it has meant that the physical point of the players is not appropriate even though it is already October. All the clubs are having problems and Zidane himself acknowledged that these clashes were still a kind of preseason.

Zinedine Zidane, on the Real Madrid bench during the La Liga clash against Real Valladolid

Zinedine Zidane, on the Real Madrid bench during the La Liga clash against Real Valladolid


The privilege of training Real Madrid, as the Gaul always emphasizes, has turned brown from this situation. The margin of error each season is smaller because the equality between the championship contenders is more fair. Every player Being on the squad makes a difference, especially in a season where five substitutions are still being made.

Despite all these problems, the points of The league they are worth the same and we have to overcome this arduous start to the season. The management of the players that Zidane does, keeping them all in good shape and with options to play, means that the problem that these injuries bring with them is not so serious. This Real Madrid in which competitiveness is maximum will have its litmus test in the month of October that is beginning and that has been complicated by casualties.

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