Zidane makes peace and defends Vinicius:

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Zinedine Zidane He appeared at a press conference this Friday knowing what he was going to find. The ‘hunted’ to Karim Benzema during the game of Borussia Monchengladbach badmouthing Vinicius has been the topic of the week. The Real Madrid coach knew that his appearance would revolve around this issue and wanted to settle it at the root, defending his players and putting peace.

“It’s cleared up,” it said. “The important thing is that the players talk to each other. On the field many things are said and it stays there. We are a team and we need energy for other things. It is good that these things happen, it means that we are alive. They spoke and everything was perfect. “, he clarified from the beginning at a press conference.

Zidane insisted that there was “no problem” after what happened. “They all trained very well and that is the important thing, that the energy is put into the game,” he said about the return to the routine of Benzema and Vinicius. And he played down the incident again: “Things like this always happen in the field. The problem is that today there are many cameras. It’s the only thing that changes, these things have always happened and then it remains there.”

And Zidane referred to his times as a footballer to explain that situations like this are always normal: “In the field you can say things on the field when you are hot. It happened to me too and not only me telling others, but others as well. to me”.

Finally, the French coach also defended Vinicius, who has not done well in El Clásico and the last Champions League match, against criticism: “He is here, he is young and I think he has a present and a future at Real Madrid He works and that’s it. I see him well and he’s a boy who wants to learn, improve. He’s good for a coach and a team. “

Show the character of the team

Zidane, on the Benzema – Vinicius mess

Zidane still had one more question on this issue, this time in French, and he continued with his same speech: “These things happen many times and they are little things that happen between players. I am not saying this to avoid or make up a problem. What has happened has happened, but it is natural during a game. The important thing is that the players talk to each other and the next day it is fixed. I know these things like outside, but it has happened and will happen more times. That shows the character of the team”.

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