Houssem Aouar, celebrating with Lyon

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Zinedine Zidane He appeared at a press conference this Saturday in the pre-match that will measure the I raised and to Real Madrid on matchday 5 of The league. Most of the questions to which the white coach was subjected were focused on the team’s injuries, but there was also time to talk about signings, specifically one, that of Houssem Aouar.

And it is that this Friday, The team He announced that Aouar was on Real Madrid’s agenda and Zidane would have already acted to put a player very much to his liking on track for 2021. Far from avoiding the question, although he did not want to confirm or deny the information in the French newspaper, he did speak well of Aouar and left a phrase that could have a lot of meaning.

“I don’t know what information you have. I have no doubts about this player, he is a great player. Maybe one day he could play for Real Madrid, but today we have this squad and my concern is what I have now. As of the 5th There will no longer be these questions, “answered Zidane when questioned about his possible signing.

Aouar’s situation is delicate. His future seemed tied to Arsenal, but now the signing is at a standstill and it would be very difficult to close it in the remaining days of the market. His agent would be looking for a new destination since, if he stayed in Lyon, the player would not play in Europe this season. In the Premier and other clubs like Juventus they have also been interested in him.

Houssem Aouar, celebrating with Lyon


Press conference

Zidane responded to the plague of injuries suffered by his team at the start of the season with an optimistic attitude and defending the depth of his squad, of which he said he has “a lot of talent but above all a lot of heart”.

Given the bad news that Zidane is receiving in a week in which he has lost due to injury to Toni Kroos, Eden Hazard, Dani Carvajal Y Alvaro Odriozola, the French coach drew a positive background to praise his squad.

“I am blossoming from being here, that’s why I take advantage of every day and I’ve always been positive in my life, because it has given me a lot. That’s why I don’t see things in a negative way even when things get complicated. We don’t like having players outside due to injuries but from time to time we have to accept the situation and we are not going to look for excuses, “he explained at a press conference.

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