Aubameyang answers Kroos in the war of celebrations and the German gives him a zasca

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Toni Kroos has given what to talk about for his opposition to the most eccentric celebrations in goals. In particular, he has been critical of the way he used Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a long time ago. “Aubameyang once celebrated like that and put on the mask. That’s where he ends up with me. I don’t think he’s a good role model either. What nonsense,” the Teutonic explained to his brother. Felix on the podcast Just bad dolls.

Well, the Gabonese did not take long to respond to the German. Aubameyang has used his account Twitter to explain why he used that mask of Black panther, the superhero of MARVEL. “In any case, does this Toni Kroos have children? I remember I did it for my son a couple of times and I would do it again. I hope that one day you will have children and make them happy as explained by these children from a nursery school” , argued the forward of the Arsenal FC, accompanying his message with sarcasm recalling that people wear a mask for the pandemic of the Covid-19.

A battle has been fought between both public figures for these celebrations that generate many interactions on social networks, but that do not go with the personality of Kroos. “If there are rehearsed dances or choreographies, I find it very silly”, expressed the player of the Real Madrid. He believes that by not following this trend, he is not less happy to mark: “In principle, that does not mean that I am less happy. I am very happy inside and a little outside.”

Nor did he get rid of the criticism of the German Antoine Griezmann, of the FC Barcelona. Kroos called the French forward’s way of celebrating when he scores “clumsy”. The German used as an example ‘TorpedoMüller: “I always thought Gerd’s form was pretty. He was jumping a bit in the air with his pants up to his thighs. It was a real joy. But the rest is nothing.”

A few words that, after the controversy generated, have had a response from the German. Clear, concise and with elegance, Kroos has not been silent and has replied to the forward. “THIS Toni Kroos has three children”, has settled the Real Madrid player.

Kroos, very critical

Above all, in this episode of his weekly podcast he was very critical of the European Super League they are raising some great clubs. “In the end, for all these competitions that are being invented, the players are puppets of the FIFA and the UEFA. They are creations to suck economically and, of course, consume us, the footballers, “said the German player who does not seem very in favor of the creation of these new competitions.

Specifically, about that Super League that has been current in recent weeks, Kroos believes that we should bet on what is already consolidated. “It’s good to leave things as they are if they already work. With the international leagues and competitions that already exist, they already have top products,” argues the German player.

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