Benzema and his key week to recover Real Madrid's goal

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Six magical days to Karim Benzema at Real Madrid. The French player has completed a great week being largely responsible for the miraculous draw and the two victories that keep the white team alive in the Champions League and that they have the meringues with an advantage over Barça Y Atlético de Madrid in League. While the meringues were suffering a great goal problem, the French striker has put the batteries and has shown his version of the last two seasons in front of goal.

The ‘9’ of the set Chamartin Above all, he signed a dream 2019/2020 campaign. He was the MVP of La Liga who added Real Madrid to his record with 27 goals and 11 assists, assuming responsibility for the attack in the face of the losses of very important players and reaching that level of scorer that many have claimed during his time as a white player . This year it had not managed to continue at that level at the beginning of the year, but this end of October and the beginning of November invite optimism.

This last week he has achieved four goals and a vital goal pass for the white interests. Before him Borussia Monchengladbach It opened the ban for the meringues in that frenzied final that they lived to tie a match they lost 2-0 with five minutes remaining. In front of Huesca he scored the second goal to put land in the middle and closed the win. Before he gave a great assist for Fede Valverde to make the third. This Tuesday, before the Inter Milan was the smartest to take advantage of the error of Achraf and thus beat Handanovic in the one for one that put the first goal on the scoreboard.

When more was being asked from the public opinion the arrival of a nine next summer and urgently due to that lack of goal that the team was pressing. The Frenchman has been the one who has taken the reins to show the way the team should go until the end of the season. Benzema has claimed itself as part of that fundamental axis that forms together with Courteous, Bouquets Y Casemiro since the project changed.


The consolidation of Eden Hazard Y Marco Asensio in the bands accompanying Benzema in attack has come that neither painted in French. His connection with the Belgian and with the Spanish has been seen on the pitch. The trident is working and with them the game has also found an improvement that was necessary to overcome a crisis of results that was beginning to worry. Zidane found the HBA as your ally to overcome goal problems.

The Frenchman also wants to help both Hazard and Asensio find more goals. The pressure on the wingers of Real Madrid, which also affects Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo Goes, is tremendous. This is why he constantly searches for them to try to find them in favorable situations. His three assists this year show it.

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