Eduardo Camavinga celebrates a goal with the France team

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This Tuesday Eduardo Camavinga turns 18. The player of the Rennais Stadium he comes of age while still on the agendas of all the great clubs in the world. The Real Madrid It is the club with which he has been linked the most and, at the end of this season, the player will experience a key moment in his career. Everything indicates that next summer he will embark on his first great professional adventure and all fingers indicate that it will be in the white club.

Zinedine Zidane had marked his aesthetic and glorious volley in front of the Bayer Leverkusen and Camavinga was not yet born. He would do it a few months later, on November 10. I would not see the best minutes of the current French coach, but I would enjoy his last strokes of elegance with the ball on the pitch and all that string of ‘highlights’ that are in Youtube of the eternal ’10’. For something he is from that generation that was born with a mobile phone and a computer under his arm.

Now it is the Real Madrid coach who sees him, observes him and trusts that he will be able to train him at some point, either with the white shirt or defending the shield of France. At the moment Zidane is hitting on all the players that he observes and recommends. Step with Raphaël varane, he was not wrong with Kylian Mbappé, now you are seeing with Ferland mendy and the next jewel in the crown could be Camavinga, who has not closed any doors with respect to other clubs, but receiving a call from ‘Zizou’ would change everything.

Meanwhile, Camavinga will surely live his 18 in an unusual way. The coronavirus It has changed everything and prevented that, surely, he had already left Rennes and was living a completely different life. In any case, the midfielder has always shown great respect for the club in which he has grown up since he arrived from the Flag-Fougéres in 2013. The young midfielder born in Miconje, Angola, could be facing his last year in the city of northwestern France.

The operation

From Real Madrid they transmit tranquility. He is a player who is followed very closely, who likes both the management and the coaching staff and who could have a place in the first team without problems. It is a market objective, but not a priority, since it is understood that there are other positions that need to be reinforced first. Even so, if the option to take over the player at any time appears, the entity does not doubt that everything possible would be done to make him wear the white shirt.

In addition, the great jewel in the crown is still Kylian Mbappé. The summer of 2021 will have him as the main protagonist. The fact that the contract ends in 2022 and that it still does not intend to renew causes all the alerts to be on before the option of being able to make a lower offer than the PSG could negotiate. In fact, from the French entity they have also shown interest in Camavinga, although the priority for the Parisians is also to retain their forward.

Eduardo Camavinga celebrates a goal with the France team

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During the transfer window in which the effects of the coronavirus are expected to no longer be so severe, the whites will have the opportunity to convince the young midfielder. If this past summer there were talk of figures close to 80 million, the coronavirus may undermine those intentions. The sports director of the club already explained in June that they do not think of selling him even for those figures.

“Since my arrival, it was clear to me that we would do it with Camavinga in the project. If Real Madrid offers 80 million as they say for him? The answer is no. We want to continue with him so that he continues to evolve at Rennes,” he explained Iorian Marice. Of course, he softened his words by explaining on the channel RMC what “yes the player has ambition and, perhaps, has the desire to go play elsewhere, I’ll listen to him. “

Camavinga has always been flattered to hear that the white club is interested in his signing. “Real Madrid? It is clear that it is always great that a great club is interested in you. But I do not eat my head with that,” he explained the day he announced that he would stay at Stade Rennais for at least one more year on the french channel Telefoot.

Eduardo Camavinga, during a training session with Stade Rennes

Eduardo Camavinga, during a training session with Stade Rennes

Instagram (e.cama10)

The rumors that came out before football stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic indicated that Real Madrid came to offer up to 60 million euros for his signing. But it is that the Rennais climbed to the vine and promised that it would not go down until they reached 100 million. In this way, everything was postponed until 2021 to really know the extent of the consequences of the virus on the club’s economy and how far they could go to invest in the young promises that are on the white agenda.

Your 2020/2021

The 2019/2020 was that of his appearance and everything indicates that this 2020/2021 will be your confirmation. This season has already left flashes of its quality also in the Champions League, but its objective is to continue growing to continue monopolizing the spotlight for another year. An injury has diminished the possibility of seeing him before Seville Y Chelsea, which would have been two level appointments. Yes he showed himself to him Krasnodar, but especially in the eight games that he has already played in League-1 where, even, has seen goal.

Although it is true that he has gone from more to less, the dominance of the midfield through his quality with the ball and his physical power make his entire team improve just with his mere presence on the pitch. He is doing all this in a team that, although it is a good group, does not have big names that help Rennais not to miss Camavinga when he is not there. In an environment with higher quality players, all the predictions that are made seem to fall short.

Eduardo Camavinga, during a training session at Stade Rennais.  Photo: Instagram (e.cama10)

Eduardo Camavinga, during a training session at Stade Rennais. Photo: Instagram (e.cama10)

The French pivot is the one desired by many for his youth and his abilities. The fact of being such a complete player, with a defensive profile as powerful as the offensive, invites us to think of him as one of the great promises of world football. Real Madrid would be an ideal place with the alternatives that Zidane offers for his midfield.

The pivot can develop both in that position, but also being one of the interiors that, in recent games, they occupy Toni Kroos Y Faith Valverde. Could be substitute for Casemiro, although they are not the same player, but it could also accompany him in a theoretical double pivot. In the three different positions there would be room for this player called to dominate the international football scene of the next decade.

Being one at Real Madrid would infinitely multiply the historical repercussion it could have. Eduardo Camavinga, despite having just turned 18 years old knows it and does not shy away from a reality that any child dreams of. The Frenchman has not stopped being one of those young people with birds on their heads. There are many who tell him that his future depends on wearing the white shirt. Today you blow out the candles and you will mark one of those traditional wishes by closing your eyes which you want your next club to be.

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