Iker Casillas, during the presentation of 'Hanging the wings'

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Receive the call from Real Madrid at 16, debut at 18, win at 19 his first Champions League of the three he would conquer, be captain at 29, make history with the Selection world champion and two-time European champion … and suffer a heart attack at almost 40 that ends her career. The life of Iker Casillas gave, at least, for several chapters and is what the documentary series reviews Hang the wings.

Movistar + premieres this Friday the first two chapters of the series that narrates the career and withdrawal of Casillas. THE SPANISH has spoken with Luis Fermoso, a writer who has accompanied ‘El Santo’ on a trip of more than a year that begins just two months after his myocardial infarction. “Notes that it is different from all of the above,” he says shortly after the premiere and after more than 20 years working in television.

The story of Hang the wings starts on July 11, 2019, nine years after the final of South Africa: “It is a moment that teaches you what life is. Like nine years after lifting the World Cup and being a kind of superhero, he is a man who is very touched physically and emotionally.” With a cardiac recovery session in Madrid, he begins this journey only 70 days after his life is cut short.

Iker Casillas, during the presentation of ‘Hanging the wings’


“A career like Iker’s needs a lot of look at the past to be able to gloss over everything he leaves behind and everything that is present in his life, which is a legendary career,” says Luis. And it is that for six chapters -the last one will be broadcast on Christmas Day- Casillas will be accompanied on his way to retirement and, in turn, his career will be reviewed from his memories and those of other leading characters.

Hang the wings tells the story of “one of those essential people to understand the history of Spanish sport” and is the real-time monitoring of a player who has to make an absolutely fundamental decision in his life: “To attend the moment when an athlete has to preparing for a retreat makes it have a very powerful visual and story power. “

“Iker has spent six or seven months fighting to play again. He has shown me once again the capacity of elite athletes, who are shaped differently. […] It was his last competition. And making the decision to assume that it is over is a very powerful moment of the documentary, in chapter 4, in which we can visualize which day D and hour H are when this begins to end “, says Luis.

A touched man

Luis Fermoso is struck by “the Casillas of the first time.” “He is a man touched physically and emotionally, but his ability to compete calls my attention,” he says and then adds: “I have also felt that he is a reflective man, more deliberate. I believe that fatherhood, heart attack and the almost 40 years make a mixture of a lot of serenity and a lot of sincerity “.

At the end of the journey Iker is a man who is calm, he is at peace

Iker fights for months to get back on the pitch. And he is close to doing so: “In chapter 2 there are moments in which, in October 2019, he is convinced that he can continue and the truth is that he could continue. I think there is a fight won, the one of ‘I am physically and mentally fit, ‘”he says of his recovery. “He has transmitted that fight to the team and we have felt like pushing him in that fight he has had,” he adds.

Casillas did not get the OK to play football again and the series will reflect the evolution of the character: “At the end of the journey he is a man who is calm, he is at peace. Every time he wonders why it happened to him he says’ hey, I’m alive and I have nothing to complain about, I’m 40 years old and I’ve won everything. ” The other day he told me ‘if what happens to me on May 1, 2019, happens to me on May 1, 2010 … ‘, says Luis.

Iker Casillas, at the presentation of 'Hang the Wings'

Iker Casillas, at the presentation of ‘Hang the Wings’

Movistar +

Back, back and back

2019 and 2020 have been very difficult years for Casillas, ignoring the global health situation. Without going any further, his wife, the journalist Sara Carbonero, had a malignant cancer detected only 20 days after her heart attack. Iker’s story in these two years has been one of overcoming and that is how he wanted to capture it: “He always told me that he hoped this could help many people who were going through a heart attack or recovery. That they can see in him the Iker of 2019 and 2020 “, explains the editor of Movistar +.

Luis confesses that, even to a shameful point, Casillas wanted to have his story told and the continuous and exhaustive recording served to “transmit what he wanted to tell, which is that it is possible to fight a disease like the one he has had and, above all, everything, that you can fight to return. That was his idea: to return, return and return. Then already … “.

Zidane, Robben, Mou …

There will be many familiar faces that Hang the wings accompany the viewer through the story of Iker Casillas. From illustrious colleagues, such as Zinedine Zidane or Roberto Carlos -which build the night of Glasgow-, even rivals, like Xavi Hernandez, Gerard Piqué -that they will review the ‘war of the Classics‘- And to Arjen Robben. Luis Fermoso chooses the appearance of the Dutch footballer as the most special of all for him.

If I had been Robben … I would not participate in the Iker documentary

“It seems to me that it is to kneel and worship him. For Robben to stand in front of a camera to talk about the day he could be world champion, but because of Iker he was not, it seems to me an exercise in sincerity, of a good person . I was moved to hear him speak what he said. You will see it in chapter 4. It has a lot of merit. If I had been Robben … I would not participate in Iker’s documentary -laughs- “, he tells about the participation of ’11’ from Holland of that night in Johannesburg.

Mourinho is a mandatory presence. Iker also understood that he was an important person

Another that could not be missing is Jose Mourinho, surely the counterpart of Casillas’ career for many: “Iker also understood that he was an important person who has accompanied him during a three-year trip and, above all, if there has been what there has been. It seems to me that it is an obligatory presence and they are very well. There is time to offer a reflective vision, looking back. There is time to remember some bites. There is everything. In chapter 5 there is a moment when we will see the two of them, one speaks, The other speaks, one speaks … There we let them accompany the viewer “.

“There is also a very important presence in Chapter 3, which is that of César Sánchez,” Luis tells us. I think it is essential to understand this rivalry to understand what comes next, the training of Iker as a goalkeeper … That chapter with the presence of César is very important to describe what Iker’s mentality is like “.

And there is an absence whose culprit is 2020: “I do not know if I am destroying a secret, but Cristiano Ronaldo had given us the ‘ok’. His positive for coronavirus was crossed just in those days, which was also recurrent,” explains Luis Beautiful to EL ESPAÑOL. “I like to admit that Cristiano wanted to be there, he was going to be there because he felt like it. It would have been cool if he had been, but 2020 has been too beastly a rival,” he adds.

A boy from Móstoles

Hang the wingsHow could it be otherwise, he also takes a look at the more ‘earthy’ Iker: “We all already had a feeling of what Iker was like, that he was a normal guy. And it’s another of the things that fascinates about the character, which is a guy like us. ” And there will be scenes that capture it like this: “In chapter 2 there is a meeting of friends in a garage in Navalacruz because it starts to rain on the street. And, basically, it’s you and me with our colleagues in summer. What do you do? You do the chop, you say four nonsense, you have a laugh and you play mus. “

“He’s the Iker who represents us all and I think that’s why he’s also a different guy. We looked at him and said ‘he’s one of us.’ We have confirmed what we knew about Iker, he has never wanted to be anything more than a goalkeeper “, confesses Luis.

The premiere of Hang the wings will show the world the most ambitious project of Movistar + in terms of a sports product: “For us it has been a luxury. We are a small team, not a large helicopter production or 200 people. We are a team made up of a camera operator (Romano Aticus), a director (Estíbaliz Ortega), a producer (Sergio Primicia), a documentary maker (Ana Pasca) and myself as editor in charge of the chapters “.

“It has been one of the greatest work joys that we have all had. We have gotten into it so much that it absorbs you and, in addition, we have had to learn to work from home. It has been a beastly enjoyment to be able to tell this,” says Luis.

We are not used to a hero, a gladiator, showing his shadows and his fears

This Friday, in Movistar + Chapters 1 and 2 will now be available. Each week, until December 25, another new episode will premiere every Friday. Luis encourages viewers to enjoy this ‘trip’: “It is an apprenticeship. There is a man who welcomes us to see how he does another exercise, another cardio session, he tells you to your face that he is disoriented, that he is lost. a trip to Sara’s village in chapter 1, to see friends, she recognizes that she is lost. Her life was ‘bang, bang, bang’ and suddenly it has been changed. “

“We are not used to a hero, a gladiator, showing his shadows and his fears. In that sense, Iker has no problem. It is important to humanize the person we have seen at the level of Superman for so many years.”

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