Antonio Conte, during an Inter Milan match

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Antonio Conte is reunited with him Real Madrid. The Italian coach visits this Tuesday with his Inter Milan the Alfredo Di Stéfano in a momentous duel for qualification in the group stage of the Champions League. He has only faced the Whites twice in an official match with a draw and a defeat as balance during his time as coach of the Juventus of Turin. It was in the group stage of the maximum continental competition of the season 2013/2014, before taking the reins of the selection of Italy.

With a tremendously strong character and his successes at the controls of Juventus or Chelsea, the coach born in Lecce took the course of the new Inter Milan project last season and did it through the front door. He played the final of the Europa League, where he was only surpassed by the Seville, and fought for the A series with the Turin team. The reality is that the ‘neroazzurro’ team was once again the closest thing to the old historic club.

He is a natural competitor, although sometimes that way of being turns against him. More or less is what happened during his passage through England. Did not marry him Chelsea, nor with the Premier, despite lifting the title of the British league championship and also that of the FA Cup. But now his legend is being rebuilt with this start of the stage at Inter. The property of Singapore He has put all his trust in the qualities of a desired coach whenever he has been free for the greatest. It is clear that it is not valid for any club because it collides with their philosophy; perhaps it is also the reason why he never coached Real Madrid.

Antonio Conte, during an Inter Milan match


The former captain of Juventus Turin during his time as a player will not only meet again with the white team. It will also with Zinedine Zidane, with whom he shared a wardrobe. The Frenchman praised him at a press conference and explained that, after that experience together, he was clear that one day “he would become a great coach.” The reality is that the French coach has been the main responsible that since Madrid forget their figure. This Tuesday there will be a great battle on the benches between two people who have a good relationship.

By means of this confrontation will also sweeten the figure of Antonio Pintus. The physical trainer who arrived with Zidane when he took over the reins of the first team in 2016 and continued at Real Madrid when the Frenchman decided to leave, he again sees each other’s faces with the meringues now enrolled in the ranks of Inter. Conte took advantage of the divorce between them to call him and give him a position in his new project. The guru of physical preparation, “the sergeant”, as some players called him, will also return to Valdebebas to encourage this rivalry between friends.

Three chances

If during that only confrontation of his life with Real Madrid he raved about the team he trained Carlo Ancelotti and he said that it was “the maximum you could reach on the world football scene”, the Italian coach has been able to take charge of the white team up to three different occasions. His name has always come up when a crisis of results appeared or when a coach left the Real Madrid bench empty, but he has never been able to see himself as the local coach in the Santiago Bernabeu.

Since Conte began his career on the bench at the Arezzo and in the Bari in the Second division Italian, his status as a former player practically always pointed him towards a great bench. Taking into account the work he did in those teams, along with what he accomplished in the Siena The one he led to Serie A, his arrival at Juventus was motivated. After that, records in the First division transalpina, titles, the great passage through the national team, the odyssey of England … But his history with Real Madrid did not finish arriving.

Antonio Conte, during an Inter Milan match

Antonio Conte, during an Inter Milan match


The first time it rang was with the arrival of Zidane in January 2016. When Rafa Benitez leaves the white house after the results he achieved during his short stay as merengue head coach, Antonio Conte has already emerged as an option to take over the first team. He was the coach of Italy, but a couple of months later he would leave that position to join Chelsea. There would have been no impediments in the form of a contract for it to arrive.

2018, key year

But on the second occasion, perhaps it was possible to glimpse why that arrival did not materialize. The summer of 2018 would arrive, when Zinedine Zidane decides to end his stage as a white coach after three consecutive Champions League. There the Italian was still linked to Chelsea, but his continuity in the league did not seem clear. Premier League and the call from Real Madrid could change his status at any time. In July, in fact, he would leave London. The whites signed a few days before their departure to Julen lopetegui during the Russia World Cup.

Antonio Conte, in an Inter Milan match

Antonio Conte, in an Inter Milan match


The last time he was able to reach ‘the white house’ would be after the white sports management finally opted for Lopetegui. The Italian would appear again in the pools when the Spanish was fired after being humiliated by Barça. Conte was released at that time and everyone assumed that he would be the new merengue coach. But the operation was not completed, it arrived Santiago Solari and, later, Zidane would return to the Real Madrid bench.

After that meringue debacle in the Camp Nou, Conte’s name sounded louder than ever. Sergio Ramos He showed his face after the game and, when asked about his heavy hand, the white captain responded clearly: “Respect is earned, it is not imposed. Neither name nor another. We have won everything with coaches you already know, in the end the Changing room management is more important than the technical knowledge of a coach. ” From that moment on, Italian was never spoken of again.

The luck of the draw initialed this duel with curiosity for the past, the present and the future. A match that will be the return of Achraf hakimi Valdebebas, but that this photograph of Antonio Conte in the Real Madrid Sports City it will also have a meaning. The Inter coach has reasons to be motivated, he has a block that has already proven its worth in Europe and has only improved. There are also reasons to think that the clash on Tuesday will be exciting.

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