Cristiano Ronaldo during a Juventus training session

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Back to the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward has just started his third season with the Juventus and everything indicates that it will be the last. In his contract, his commitment is signed until summer 2022, but his paths seem destined to separate within a few months, in the summer market of 2021, when the Portuguese striker only has one year of ties with the entity left. bianconera.

The reason is simple: economic. Juventus has found it almost impossible to keep their star in the team beyond this season. You cannot afford a renovation like yours, and even less a salary improvement. The net 31 million charged per season are unaffordable for the current Juventus in its new paradigm due to the crisis.

The reality of Juventus is that of a club that has calculated the value of losses due to the coronavirus at almost 90 million euros due to the effects of the pandemic. That was last season, so this year, for which no audience is expected in the stands (or as it would soon return at the end of the season), the figure will continue to grow, forcing the Italian entity to take measures.

Cristiano Ronaldo during a Juventus training session


The Old lady It has been affected more than others by the coronavirus and intends to recover part of the 100 million euros it invested in 2018 in the market for the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. Thus he would get rid of his very high salary. To see in perspective what the Portuguese star charges, his salary is the highest in the squad, almost five times more than that of the second, Paulo dybala (just over 7 ‘kilos’ net).

And speaking of Dybala, the Argentine talent nicknamed ‘La Joya’ also ends his contract in 2022 and Juventus has not yet approached his representative to negotiate a contract extension. The club studies every financial move to be made and if Cristiano’s departure could already be decided, Dybala’s could then go in search of another great transfer.

Returning to Cristiano Ronaldo, we must not forget that by the summer of 2021 he will already be 36 years old. Age has not been a problem for him so far, but it is obvious that his end as a professional is closer and closer. At Juventus he has not managed to give the boost that the club was looking for with his signing to aspire to the Champions League and if it is not achieved this year, his hiring could be labeled a failure.

PSG, in the queue

What then does Cristiano have left? In case of being sold, there are already several interested clubs. For his salary, there are very few suitors who could face his signing. The PSG is one of them, you can see how Kylian Mbappé He leaves (he does not want to renew and also ends in 2022) and needs another top-level star to replace him.

Leonardo, sports director of the Parisian club, has been quick to face the rumors and has already joined the queue: “Maybe tomorrow Cristiano Ronaldo will wake up and say that I want to go play elsewhere … Who can buy it? It’s a circle closed. PSG enters this circle, “he said on Tuesday. PSG has been interested in his signing for years and in a few months he could be closer than ever to achieving it if a series of circumstances arise.

Back home’

Although PSG would not be the only interested party. In England They have not been slow to put the Manchester United in the contest. A dreamed return to Old trafford. More than a decade after closing a stage as red devil to return home with the aim of propelling the entity to the top again. United, like almost everyone in the Premier, has money to take on his signing and his record. Even more so if an exit such as that of Paul pogba.

Have a five times Golden Ball in the workforce it is available to very few. Who else besides PSG and United? The Real Madrid He could have the economic potential to recover the ‘7’, although in case of being able to sign a great world star, his target is Mbappé. In England would be the other candidates: Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea… But having the United option before, it seems remote to see him in the Premier with another shirt that is not the one of the red devils.

A very closed circle (even more than Leonardo could imagine) and a Juventus that has an economic hole to which it has to put a solution whatever. The only one on the horizon is the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo. Who can recruit the Portuguese striker?

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