Cristiano Ronaldo, for whom he molded:

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How long will it hold Cristiano Ronaldo? It is the question that many ask about the Portuguese striker, who at 35 years of age still shows no signs of weakness commensurate with age. The Juventus star is still among the best in the world and his secret lies in the routine with which he keeps his physique in the ideal state. Fault of this has Mick clegg, who was a physical trainer of Manchester United.

Few know as him the more physical side of Cristiano and his mentality. Clegg has spoken at The Gazzetta dello Sport and has discovered some of the secrets of the Portuguese star: “Before Cristiano Ronaldo, the best athlete he had had in terms of body and work was Ryan Giggs. He was the strongest and, in addition, he paid a lot of attention to details”, said about Cristiano.

And he continued putting an expiration date on Ronaldo: “If Giggs played for United until he was 40, Cristiano can do it until he is 41. Ronaldo was the only one capable of going beyond the high levels of Giggs,” he said in the newspaper. Italian.

Clegg continues to be amazed at how detailed and calculating Cristiano Ronaldo is with his body. Manchester United’s physical trainer from Alex ferguson hallucinate with the work of the soccer player Old lady: “He works a lot, he is very careful with his recovery time and sleep. He has a cook, he knows how to avoid stress. He pays a lot of attention to details. This is not a secret,” he said.

Cristiano’s limits

He even believes that Cristiano will one day reach the numbers of the top scorer in history in official matches Josef Bican (805): “Ronaldo will continue to change his way of playing, just like Giggs did. He will stay on top because he is obsessed with being the best of all time and will score more than 805 Bican goals,” he said.

Regarding injuries, Cristiano’s consistency with his body reduces the risk of suffering physical problems, but they may be the only ‘kryptonite’ that will stop Ronaldo: “In spite of everything, it is true that an injury can always come, because that is something that cannot be predicted 100% “, he concluded.



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