Drenthe, at Sparta Rotterdam.  Photo: Instagram (@ roya2faces)

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Royston Drenthe he always has things to tell about his sports career. The one who would one day be the Dutch promise that in 2007 he signed for him Real Madrid it ended up in a continuous loop of the most unique experiences. After being loaned out by the white team to Hercules and then go to Everton, in 2012 his contract with Madrid ended and he was left without a team. He went to his native Holland and there they convinced him to play in Russia.

Drenthe, who after ending his relationship with Madrid went home to manage his clothing store, was tempted by several members of the Spartak V-kavkaz Russian and convinced him to return to football. “These guys came to see me and they loved me. They went to Rotterdam, to my clothing store for me. I had gained several kilos and I told them: ‘It’s not going out. I won’t.’ But they came up to five more times. Finally, we met at the Marriott Hotel and I told them we would do it and I signed with them, “he says in the Dutch newspaper Rijnmond.

“I was just thinking ‘how am I going to fix this?’ (on his state of form) I hated coming back but they helped me a lot to get it, “he recalls about that preseason. And shortly after starting he achieved a hat-trick: “It was the icing on the cake and a way of thanking them for their help to prepare me,” he admits.

Drenthe, at Sparta Rotterdam. Photo: Instagram (@ roya2faces)

About life in Russia, it had little to do with his style that he used in recent years: “The experience taught me a lot. Look where I am now. Vladicáucaso was not a perfect place. It was a broken city. You could not do anything too fun out there even if you had a lot of money, “he says.

Although Drenthe was able to make friends with other Russian league players such as Samuel eto’o or Boussoufa. And in one of his meals at the Maradona Restaurant, his next step was devised: “Sometimes we ate there. The owner was also the owner of Reading and that’s how I ended up there. Crazy, right? The pasta was delicious. If I drank vodka “Sometimes, yes. There is something basic. It was not problematic at all. Even on the player bus there was vodka. This is Russia, you know …”


At Reading, finally, it did not go well. Passed by Sheffield Wednesdaand then he went to the Turkish league, from there to Baniyas from the United Arab Emirates and, after ‘retiring’, returned to the Dutch Xerxes Zondag. In July 2018 he signed for the Sparta from Rotterdam and since August 2019 it is in the Cossack Boys: “I feel comfortable in this team. It’s a nice environment with nice people and a good group of players. Physically I’m ready, even though I’m getting older,” he says at 33 years old.

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