Hazard walks in pain

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Eden Hazard Y Eder Militao They are already in perfect condition to be able to return to the training Real Madrid. The Belgian and the Portuguese have moved this afternoon to Valdebebas to attend the appointment scheduled for this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. after giving two negatives in the Covid-19. The winger and the central defender will have the session this afternoon and this Friday morning to get in shape and be able to play this Saturday in Castellon before him Villarreal. Zidane recovers two more pieces after a tough national team break.

The French coach will be able to count on both for this clash. But the reality is that they have been away from the group dynamics for a long time. Although the coaching staff has put a training program for them so that they could continue exercising in this period of isolation, Zidane will have to assess his form in the next two training sessions. Casemiro, which was positive from the same day as Hazard, has had one more day of preparation and it is easier for the Brazilian to play.

This afternoon the physical states of Sergio Ramos Y Raphael varane. Both suffered physical mishaps during the last game with their respective national teams. The captain’s thing is more worrying than the French’s, because in his case it was a physical problem. The French center-back hurt one of his shoulders when he fell from a crash and everything indicates that he has been left in a simple fright.

Hazard walks in pain


What is certain is that both Hazard and Militao have the medical discharge to be in Castellon. The case of the Brazilian is important, since, if both Ramos and Varane are fair because of those physical problems, Zidane will have a central problem. Alone Nacho fernandez, who also comes out of injury, is at the disposal of the French coach. That is why these tests that the two mentioned players will undergo are so important, especially for the trip to Milan.

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