Iker Casillas and his fear of having a heart attack:

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Iker Casillas already look to the future. His presence on the pitch as one of the team is a thing of the past. It will not happen again, at least in official matches. The Madrilenian is already looking towards his new stage, close to football but oriented to offices. His retirement a few months ago, and his link with him Real Madrid, predict a new stage full of objectives.

The goalkeeper, historical of national and world football, has been and will be the protagonist of a documentary broadcast on #Let’s go. In ‘Hanging up the wings’, the goalkeeper will relate his entire career. And in the first installments the topic to comment on has been the heart attack suffered with the Portuguese club and that forced him to leave the football fields.

Casillas, in the moments remembered in the documentary, is sincere and explains how he felt when health said enough. Iker was training. Take the two laps of the field that the team always gave. “There I have a feeling for half a second that it comes out differently when i try to catch air“Iker notices something strange during this training session with Porto.

“When I go with the team I notice that I feel heavy, that I am short of breath.” Your mind reacts: may be allergy and lets it pass. However, he starts his session with the goalkeeping coach and realizes that it is something else. “I see that I begins to oppress the chest, I’m running out of air “. Then, the goalkeeper addresses Roberto, the coach:”Give me sugar or something“Iker is” bad “and admits that he does not know what is wrong with him. He lies down on the ground.” I could not, “he admits. He already knows that it is” something serious. “

The doorman is transferred to the medical center. Accompanied, yes. “I was going with the security officer, Sandro, who with his thumb told the doctor who was in the other car in front that he was fine.” But Iker “I never thought it was going to lead to a heart attack“.

Iker, the Saint

His wife Sara carbonero she finds out over the phone and until she talks to her husband shortly after, she doesn’t lose her fear. Casillas, with a certain fear of what might happen, even asked the doctors what could happen to him. “But are you going to open my chest?” Asked the goalkeeper. “It was a very distressing feeling Why can not you talk”.

Furthermore, in the intervention, “there is a difficult moment.” “When they put the contrast liquid in me,” recalls a Casillas who admits that he couldn’t hold out because he “was burning“He only had to hold out for 30 seconds. Casillas was under control.

A day that would change Casillas’s life, not only because he had to give up football, but because of his daily routine. “I’ve never slept face down again“, reveals Casillas. Since then, he spent” the nights with anguish “and sneezing was” a drama. “His doctor made it clear that he was not going to die, but the pressure came to beat Casillas on occasion.” Look, I’m leaving. to sleep. Y if I don’t wake up, well I don’t wake up, but I’m going to try to rest. “

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