Brahim during a match with AC Milan

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Brahim has conquered Italy. The player on loan from Real Madrid came out this summer due to the lack of space in the squad. It was the best for both the team Zidane as for the Malaga’s own talent. And it is meeting expectations in a resounding way. It is one of the revelations of the A series and they want to extend their stay at Milan.

The assignment Real Madrid is until the end of this season. However, in recent weeks Milan’s intention to extend the deal to keep Brahim longer had already been rumored. In the preview of the league day, the sports director of the entity has confirmed it: they are preparing a meeting with Real Madrid to discuss the situation of the midfielder.

Frederic massara assured in the microphones of Dazn that “Brahim is doing very well.” At the club they are “happy and satisfied with him” and are already thinking about the next few months. “He can give us a lot and for his future we will talk to Real Madrid in the coming months, without a doubt. “His start in the Italian competition leaves no room for doubt: he has talent and in Ibrahimovic’s team he is showing it.

Brahim during a match with AC Milan


This season he has only missed four games, although in all it was minimum summoned. In total, he accumulates twelve appearances between Serie A, Europa League and qualification for this European competition. In them he has achieved three goals and has given an assist. More than 650 minutes in the legs and with a last title right in the duel against the Fiorentina where the sports director spoke.

Link with Zidane

Brahim, despite this assignment, does not think about anything other than succeeding at Real Madrid. He wants to do it next to Zidane and with a wardrobe full of quality. It is his dream and at the merengue club they do not want to lose him. Neither does the technician. The link between coach and player is still in force and even Brahim revealed that the Frenchman had sent him the odd message.

It was during an interview where he stressed that they keep “a special and mutual affection” and that, despite the tight schedule for both protagonists, there is always a gap to write. “I always get a message “, indicated by then Brahim Díaz. Something that is not surprising, because the player himself also acknowledged that before heading to Italy, Zidane gave him some other advice about the competition that he enjoyed so much.

Hollow in Madrid

Looking ahead, Real Madrid will have to reorganize its squad. In addition to having to tackle the odd renovation, in the merengue entity the request of Isco Alarcón recently arrived to leave transferred. The man from Malaga, who also has a good relationship with Brahim, is not happy with his minutes and asked to analyze offers in January.

However, no offer has yet arrived at the Chamartín offices. And this, if it occurs, must be in accordance with the level of Isco. The club will not make any gifts in the market, especially after obtaining 100 million euros in the last summer transfer period.

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