'Modric alarm' for coronavirus: Real Madrid, on alert after the positive of Vida

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The Croatian defender Domagoj Life He started yesterday in a friendly with Turkey in Istanbul and played 45 minutes with his team when he was positive for coronavirus, reported the Croatian Federation (HNS). In the images of the Turkey Y Croatia that ended in a draw (3-3), the defender is seen hugging both his teammates, including the madridista Luka Modric.

Vida also hugged several of the Turkish internationals he knows because he plays in the Besiktas from Istanbul. The Turkish team has already quarantined all those who had direct contact with the Croatian player while waiting to carry out a PCR test to detect any positives.

The Real Madrid stay tuned for news from the Croatian rally. Modric traveled with his team and enjoyed 14 minutes of play on the pitch. At that time he did not coincide on the field with Vida, who was substituted at halftime, although his coach, Dalic, still had no suspicion of the positive.

But Modric and Vida were photographed on the grass at Vodafone Park, where they trained on the eve of the match. A photo that sets off alarms while waiting for the entire expedition to pass new tests this Thursday. According to the protocol of the UEFA, Modric and his teammates would not have had to pass them until Sunday or Monday for the next game.

According to the HNS, all Croatian internationals tested negative before the match against Turkey and Vida’s positive came after the match, with the results of a second PCR -made yesterday morning- prior to Saturday’s clash against Sweden.

“After that on Monday – in the regular test for the game with Turkey – all the players and team personnel tested negative, on Wednesday morning another regular test was carried out for the game with Sweden,” explains HNS on Thursday. “The official test results reached the HNS after midnight local time and showed that Domagoj Vida was positive for coronavirus,” the federation states.

Croatia’s plan

The defender was immediately isolated, but he played the first half of the friendly with the world runner-up and then shared the space in the locker room with his teammates until the positive information was obtained at midnight.

Despite Vida’s positive, the Croatian federation continues with its trip to Stockholm to play against Sweden in a League of Nations match. In addition to Madrid’s Modric, the forward is also part of the squad Before Budimir, of the Osasuna, author of one of the three goals for Croatia against Turkey.

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