Cristiano Ronaldo with Modric and Kovacic

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Croatia is facing Portugal in which it will be the meeting that will stage the reunion between Luka Modric Y Cristiano Ronaldo. Both shared costumes and successes in the Real Madrid and also the two managed to win the Golden Ball when they played in the white team.

In the preview of the duel, a Modric has spoken who has assured that he is “physically well” and that he is getting better and better physical tone as he adds games and minutes in the season. The midfielder has also indicated that he is aware that he is not at the beginning of his career and that “this will not last forever.”

He has also referred to that reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he was able to cross a few words and with whom a photograph was also taken that has delighted the fans and has not taken long to go viral on social networks once the protagonists published it, and in which it also appears Kovacic.

Cristiano Ronaldo with Modric and Kovacic

Luka Modric has gone on to analyze the duel between both powers, for which he has ensured that there is plenty of motivation. “If we don’t have the motivation for a game like this, then we shouldn’t be here,” said the midfielder from Zadar. A clear message from the captain to his teammates.

Modric State

“I’m ready, I feel good physically. I feel better when I play games in a row than when I play skips, if they dose me. I am motivated, I know that I am not at the beginning of my career and that this will not last forever. I want to enjoy every moment “.

Motivation to the max

“Playing for the national team is motivation enough for us, especially against teams like Portugal. If we don’t have motivation for such a match then we shouldn’t be here. We can expect a positive result only if we are at our best and I think we can be.”

Unreal image of Croatia

“The last games of the Nations League have not shown the real face of Croatia, there is no reason to panic, when we are all healthy and together, this Croatia will be powerful again.”

How you see Portugal and the Portuguese potential

“I think the Portuguese are a great team with some great young players and some older ones who are still playing at a high level. They certainly help the younger ones to take on important roles. Portugal has shown that they are one of the strongest teams in the world. world, although she no longer has the option of defending the Nations League title. The level of quality is similar to that of world champion France. “

Reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo

“I saw him, we talked a bit about the game, I’m glad to see him after so long, we have good memories. It’s always nice to see him, we remember moments of Real Madrid. It was the usual conversation between two good friends.”

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