Modric tests negative for Covid-19 after the 'Life case': Croatia notifies two new infections

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Good news for Real Madrid, for Luka Modric and for the selection of Croatia. The national team has already received the results of the latest tests PCR made to the entire squad corresponding to the duel against Sweden. There was great anticipation and concern for the latest contagion of Vida. However, the midfielder has tested negative and the Croatian team has only two new cases.

Luka Modric, therefore, is in perfect condition. Croatia has notified that Brozovic, player of the Inter Milan, and a component of the selection staff, have tested positive for the coronavirus. In the case of this second, the first results would indicate that it is a previous contagion of the disease.

Croatia, therefore, will be able to face the Swedish national team without major problems and relieves spirits after what happened in the friendly against Turkey. And it is worth remembering that the Croatian national team played for 45 minutes with Domagoj Life infected. The results, which belonged to the tests prior to the trip to Sweden, were received when the teams were already in the changing rooms and after playing the first half.

The striking thing is that the contagion of Vida must have occurred between Monday night and all of Tuesday, since both teams passed new health checks on the same Monday to be able to play Wednesday’s game, when the case broke out.

With the latest tests performed, and only two new positives in the national team, the alert that was among the clubs affected disappears for a while. The Real Madrid among them, since a positive could last 15 days and would mean a new loss for the merengue team, which already has Hazard and Casemiro as low by the Covid-19.

These results were expected to be received the same Saturday, as confirmed by the coach himself. “We are waiting for the results for the morning and then we will see what we do and with what alignment. So far everything is going well, there are no injuries and nobody is missing,” he snapped at the previous press conference Dalic.

Finally, the good news has been confirmed ahead of time and the training sessions, which had been developing without major inconvenience, will continue their course with their sights set on the two matches of UEFA Nations League that Croatia will play during the break.

Official statement

“After a positive test for coronavirus from the member of the national team Domagoj Life on Wednesday in Istanbul, today in Stockholm, the Croatian team conducted additional tests before the game against Sweden this Saturday.

The test results showed two positive findings, one from the national team member Marcel Brozovic and a member of the national team staff, which is likely a positive finding due to an old infection (long-term positivity). Both were immediately isolated from the other members of the national team.

Brozovic’s club Inter, as well as Swedish epidemiologists, were informed about the positive test. Following the protocol of back to the game of UEFA, that is, epidemiological measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, none of the other members of the national team need self-isolation. “



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