Odegaard during a Real Madrid training session against Varane

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Martin Odegaard will be one of the names to consider in the coming days. The Real Madrid player has returned to training with the group and it was said that he could count on minutes against Inter Milan. Zidane He did not want to risk and the duel against Valencia, the last before the international break, is situated as a perfect moment.

The young Norwegian will have the perfect opportunity to reaffirm himself with Real Madrid after the physical problems that have separated him. Zidane liked the freshman after his assignments away from the capital and only an injury complicated the start of the campaign. Odegaard, however, faces an idyllic week to get back to racing.

Besides being able to settle before the Valencia, where Zidane will be able to check the player’s level in the face of so many absences, Odegaard will subsequently have three games and several training sessions with the Norwegian team before returning to the dynamics of the merengue team. A test with Madrid and several days with the national team where what should prevail is your physical and adaptation.

Odegaard during a Real Madrid training session against Varane

Your minutes

Norwegian likes in the capital. Zidane is confident. In fact, it was he who asked to re-fish him. Full support for the player who, in addition, could be contrasted at the start of the league season. Because despite not having been able to play friendlies due to the coronavirus crisis, the French coach included him as one more in the rotations despite the fact that it was his inclusion in the first team.

Odegaard gave the surprise and Zidane lined him up as a starter on the opening day of La Liga. Against his former team, the Real society, and for more than an hour of game. Quite a bet that positioned the Norwegian as one of the faces to consider in the merengue season. Likewise, he repeated 45 minutes before the Betis and, after a substitution against Valladolid, he was left with a single minute against I raised. A reduction of prominence that was further affected by his injury.

Six games have been lost due to physical problems detected on October 16 and that prevented him from being against Cádiz. Since then, Real Madrid has already overcome a crisis by beating Barcelona, ​​has included Asensio and Hazard in their regular rotations with very good results, and faces the end of 2020 with the aim of reaching first place in Champions and La Liga.

Odegaard, at the Reale Arena with Real Madrid

Odegaard, at the Reale Arena with Real Madrid

Real society

Difficult schedule

Odegaard has recovered just in time, but with a series of games in which he will have to be careful. Depending on the minutes that count, the Norwegian will experience a good adaptation or a reality check, going from not playing to accumulating too many minutes on the legs. His first test, also to continue convincing Zidane, will be against Valencia.

Odegaard is not expected to start, but Zidane’s lineups are anyone’s guess until they are official. In fact, he already surprised by incorporating him as a starter on the first day of the League in which he was available. Regardless of how you do it, the young player is most likely count on minutes against the team che and that will mean his return before the break.

Because, just playing with Real Madrid, all the internationals will join their respective teams to play another window of the UEFA Nations League. For the most part, two games and a third friendly in the form of preparation. Norway has not forgotten about Odegaard and, despite having come out of a recent injury, has called him up alongside other stars such as Haaland.

Odegaard will count and have up three dates to get tanned before the return to the dynamics of Real Madrid. On the 11th a preparation match against Israel, on the 15th against Romania and on the 18th against Austria. Three days later, on the 21st, it will be a commitment to Real Madrid and against a Villarreal that in Europe it is doing very well. There it will be checked whether the FIFA virus has consequences or not.

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