Sergio Ramos, during the match between Spain and the Netherlands

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Sergio Ramos do not think about the withdrawal of the Selection and looks forward to the next challenges after breaking the record of Buffon, and become the European with the most international appearances behind him. The captain could even play the Tokyo Olympics, as commented Luis de la Fuente in the interview granted to EL ESPAÑOL.

The next match with Spain, 178, the camero disputes in his Seville natal, to which he has referred with words of affection, in a statement for the National Team media: “Always coming home is a tremendous joy.”

“Whenever I go to Seville, my mood changes, I get an even greater joy than I usually have and overcome a record with my team and reach 177 caps and surpass a great, a legend like Buffon, well it’s always very rewarding, “continued the captain.

Sergio Ramos, during the match between Spain and the Netherlands


“After so many years, of so much sacrifice, well, you end up collecting that reward. Those challenges that, although they are individual, also end up having greater importance,” commented a Sergio Ramos who also remembered the past: “I look around and well … . I have spent many hours running around here, through Seville. Hours of silence, of solitude, for the faithful who have always been loving and supporting me. Of course you never imagine that you can reach so high. “


He has also been asked about the possibility of closing his stage in the Spanish selection, something that, for the moment, does not contemplate: “I believe that the figure is my head, until the physical endures me and especially my head. Maintain that joy, that desire, that illusion of continuing to come, of wanting to continue representing my country. As long as that remains intact, I will continue. “

The central of Real Madrid he maintains the ambition and the illusion of the first day and has remembered what one of the most important people in his life told him: “My grandfather always told me ‘don’t stop putting the daily brick because you always end up accommodating yourself and you think tomorrow I’ll put the one on yesterday ‘. When you realize they accumulate. This is a matter of perseverance and perseverance, of course. “

Sergio Ramos warms up before UEFA Nations League Switzerland - Spain

Sergio Ramos warms up before UEFA Nations League Switzerland – Spain


“I believe that, in the end, if I did not approach it that way, I would stop being me. In the end, everything is a state of mind, it is a confidence in yourself. If the moment comes and obviously I do not feel that I am qualified to face those challenges, of course I would leave my place to a colleague, “continued the Andalusian.

Duel against Germany

“It is a unique match. It is a final and we are going to be in the Final Four. What better way than to depend on us and know that we have to beat a very great team, one of the favorites to always win everything. A world champion . For us it is a unique opportunity to show what we want to achieve and where we want to go “, Sergio Ramos declared.

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