Pique between Sergio Ramos and Achraf

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The Real Madrid beat him Inter Milan to pave your way to the next round of the Champions League. Those of Zidane They started with a very impressive 2-0 and, after conceding the tie, scored with ten minutes remaining to win. Sergio Ramos was reunited with the goal and the camero showed his most successful version in defense. He was active throughout the game and not even with his acquaintances did he reduce his competitiveness.

In fact, that tension with which the Real Madrid center-back plays was corroborated during a pique with Achraf. The Inter Milan side, a good connoisseur of the merengue dressing room before leaving on loan to Dortmund and later transferred to the Italian team, had his pluses and minuses with the white captain. A face-to-face that went unnoticed in the heat of the moment, but which in the hours after the meeting has gained relevance.

The action in which the collision occurred occurred in the Real Madrid area. Inter sought to create danger bypassing and the merengue defense, attentive behind, cleared without further contemplation. However, Achraf fell to the ground and claimed penalty to the collegiate. He saw nothing and the game continued as planned. For that reason, Sergio Ramos reproached Achraf for having thrown himself.

Pique between Sergio Ramos and Achraf

“Shoot, the whore who gave birth to you!” Ramos exclaimed while the play continued near the merengue area, as the cameras collect Movistar +. “Fuck it. Screaming like a rat“He turned to Achraf once the ball was far from Courtois’ goal. The Inter side stood and looked at Ramos, but did not respond to the Real Madrid center-back at any time.

An action that was left there and that demonstrates the competitiveness that exists on a pitch and that, despite the past merengue of a youth squad like Achraf, Sergio Ramos does not have any favorable treatment when he takes to the field with those he knows best . The one of Beds he scored the second goal of the match to make it 2-0 after half an hour of play, reaffirming his great form in recent days.

Inter, bottom

The duel between the team of Zidane and Conte it was decisive. A fundamental meeting for the aspirations of both teams in the Champions League. In the first two days of the European competition, none had managed to win and their stay in the Champions League was getting complicated. However, this third day was going to serve to unbalance the group. Real Madrid was the great beneficiary of the result.

With their triumph, Zidane’s men add four points and Inter are left with only two. The whites they are third parties, the last Italians and the first position is held by the Borussia with five points and the second has been the Shakhtar with the same points as Real Madrid, so Madrid can still easily finish first in the second leg of group matches.

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