Real Madrid Castilla players celebrate one of the goals against Las Rozas CF

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The Real Madrid they are the best team in the world in many ways. For always taking care of its values, for being the winner, for being a successful brand and for always having a line and a clear identity with which millions of people in the world identify, regardless of country and belonging to the spectrum of the society to which he belongs, without distinction of race, religion or social class. It is a universal good.

The white team takes care of its past, because of the triumphant history of the sport, and its present, because it thrives on winning and competing on the day, but also on its future. And in its future its quarry, known as Factory. From there talents of all kinds come out into the world who have the opportunity, in many cases, to succeed and perform at the highest football level.

Some of them do it in the Real Madrid first team, fulfilling their dream, while others do it in other high-level teams, but all with a common denominator, having grown up in the Madrid quarry, which is still the best in the world. above any other.

Real Madrid Castilla players celebrate one of the goals against Las Rozas CF

The Factory, whose headquarters in Valdebebas It is the most luxurious and complete sports facility in the world, it has fundamentals and synergies of work that not only train people and footballers, but are a guarantee of continuous success because it projects great players towards the most desired showcases on the football planet.

These statements are not only the feelings that Real Madrid’s quarry work gives off, but they are endorsed with facts and data, as shown in the CIES Football Observatory, which places Real Madrid as the best quarry of the great clubs in the world, well ahead of its pursuer, the FC Barcelona.

One of the latest reports produced by this prestigious organization reveals that there are currently 43 footballers in the 5 major European leagues, The league, Premier League, A series, Bundesliga Y League 1, who have come out of the Real Madrid quarry, who have been trained and have grown up in the lower categories of the best team in the world and who are now elite and prestigious footballers.

Being part of La Fábrica not only gives the opportunity to fulfill the dream of reaching the first team having enjoyed the lower categories of the Madrid team, but also opens the door to those who carve out a life and a legacy in the best clubs Europeans. In this way, Real Madrid leads this prestigious ranking prepared by CIES.

Other equipment

Furthermore, Real Madrid’s leadership in the standings is so overwhelming that Barça, second on the list, contributes only 32 players to clubs in the 5 major leagues, 11 fewer than whites. Complete the podium on Olympic lyon, which is one less than the Barça team, contributing 31 players, a very considerable figure.

Ansu Fati, during a game this season

Ansu Fati, during a game this season


The list of Top10 It is completed by teams such as PSG, Valencia, Real society, Athletic club, Rennais Stadium, Manchester United or Arsenal, all of them contributing more than 23 footballers to the teams of the best leagues in the world, a place where any player on the planet wants to be.

To find teams like him Atlético de Madrid or the Chelsea you have to fall to the 13th and 14th position respectively, while others like the Seville, the Milan or the Manchester City They appear in the 20th, 23rd and 25th positions, far removed from the supremacy of the white team, which is not only the best team, but is also, by far, the best quarry. In addition, it is necessary to fall from second place to the position occupied by Atlético de Madrid and that contributes 21 footballers, to find a difference similar to that between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Some illustrious cases

Some of those players who have had the luck and the opportunity to train in the lower categories of Real Madrid have managed to arrive and settle in the first team, such as the cases of Lucas Vazquez, Nacho Fernandez, Mariano Diaz, Fede Valverde or Dani carvajal, very important pieces of the Madrid team and that have touched the sky several times with the white team, forming a truly historic record.

Lucas Vázquez celebrates his goal against Osasuna

Lucas Vázquez celebrates his goal against Osasuna


However, this success is also measured by the players who are able to go abroad to continue succeeding and, sometimes, return to the white team years later. This same summer, without going any further, some famous from the white quarry have gone abroad to seek their luck and continue to grow as footballers.

Some of those countless examples of players now starring in the big leagues may be Achraf Hackimi or Borja Mayoral in Serie A, Sergio Reguilon in the Premier League or Dani gomez, Javi sanchez Y Oscar Rodriguez in the league. These cases, together with other historical ones such as those of Jose Callejon, Borja Valero, Marcos Alonso, Dani Parejo, Alvaro negredo, Roberto Soldado, Marcos Llorente, Alvaro Morata, Mario Hermoso, Sarabia, Rodrigo or Denis Cheryshev or Juan kill They give a good example of the excellent work and great talent that can be found at La Fábrica.

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