Benzema and Sergio Ramos celebrate a Real Madrid goal in the Champions League

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Castizo and generous club. All nerve and heart. Veterans and novices. Veterans and novices. They always look at your laurels cwith respect and emotion“. As the hymn of the Real Madrid this team of Zidane maintains a balance between young players and heavyweights, which despite the passage of time continue to be key in the merengue team. Something that was demonstrated in the victory against him Inter Milan.

The white team went all out from the kickoff at the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium. An emergency match for Real Madrid, which had just lost on the opening day of the Champions League before him Shakhtar Donetsk and to draw, a week later, against him Borussia Mönglechadbach.

Zidane’s men came out with the eleven that, in the absence of the recovery of Carvajal, aims to be the one of the big dates. Of course, with the eternal doubt of who will be the three chosen in the core. This time it fell Modric of the starting team, but the Croatian came to the rescue when the score was 2-2.

Before the Croatian entered the green of Di Stéfano, they had been Karim Benzema Y Sergio Ramos the protagonists by the locals. Two players who are over thirty, but who seem to live a second youth. The first of Real Madrid came due to the success of ‘9’, who took advantage of an improper failure of Achraf to get in front of Handanovic and seat the Inter goalkeeper to score at will.

Eight minutes later, the captain’s goal arrived. A goal with which he makes history and is that it is the 100 that Sergio Ramos scores defending the white elastic. The first defender to become a centennial throughout the 118 years of the Concha Espina club.

To the ‘Great Captain’ He has plenty of ambition and already warns his next rivals, goal 100 will not be the last he scores with the merengue shirt: “Well, is not bad. In the end the records are secondary, but they are beautiful. It’s nice to be recognized for the sacrifices and work of so many years. One hundred goals is a good number, especially if it is to help the team, I hope to continue adding many more. “

Benzema and Sergio Ramos celebrate a Real Madrid goal in the Champions League

That 100th goal by Sergio Ramos came from another of the team’s veterans. Toni Kroos landed on the Santiago Bernabeu in 2014, after proclaiming himself world champion with the Germany national teamAnd he did it at a bargain price: 25 million euros for one of the best midfielders on the planet.

The play does not admit criticism. Either from a corner kick or a foul. Kroos, in this case, or Modric put a measured center to the area so that the center of Beds Soar over the rest of the players and head over to the bottom of the net. The action is as typical as it is difficult to counter by rivals.

In fact, the Inter Milan footballers confessed to Sergio Ramos that they had worked on him in the training sessions prior to the match, but given so much experience and expertise, they could do nothing to prevent the captain’s header. One more to his account and what was said: there are already 100.

Stepping strong

The nerazzurri they still had a lot to say. Lautaro Martinez first and Perisic later they made the goals of the tie. The game started again at that point and that was when it was time for the novices. Zidane decided to move the bench. Hazard Y Asensio were replaced by Rodrygo Y Vinicius. New sap to try to get that first victory in the group stage.

The bet was successful. The third, and final goal of the game, came through the connection of the youngest. Faith Valverde Y Vinicius signed a perfect combination, so that the Brazilian winger, from the left wing, put a center that although it seemed to go to Benzema, ended up at the feet of Rodrygo that he did not get nervous and that he defined perfectly against Handanovic.

Rodrygo celebrates his Champions League goal with Vinicius

Rodrygo celebrates his Champions League goal with Vinicius


Eight games of the former Saints in the maximum continental competition. Eight appearances for five goals and three assists between last season and this season. Rodrygo Goes has a special love affair with the Champions League and as he himself says: “I think so and I hope it continues like this. When I play the Champions League it is a special night and I hope to continue like this with the Champions League games. “So be it. For the moment, rookie Rodrygo and veterans Benzema and Ramos are keeping Real Madrid alive in the European cup.

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