The three offers Aouar had, the player followed by Zidane:

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The future of Aouar seems to be far from Lyon. The still player of the Olympique this last transfer market could come out and had up to three offers. However, after pressure from the French club to speed up the starts and the lack of serious movements, the midfielder ended up staying with other stars such as Memphis Depay.

Several clubs have been linked to the player. One of them, in fact, the Real Madrid by Zidane. The merengue entity entered in the last days of the window in the fight for the player. At least that’s how French media revealed it, which managed to get the question about Aouar to reach Zidane himself. But the team that most sought his incorporation was the Arsenal.

The British, who ended up signing Thomas upon payment of his clause, tried to seize Aouar’s services. And one of the general directors of Lyon, Vincent Ponsot, has revealed in The team that the operation did not come to fruition because those of Arteta did not want to pay the required amount.

Offered below market value“He assured the French newspaper.” We discussed it with the player’s environment, and together we made the decision to say ‘no’ “. As he stressed,” the priority “of the French club” was clearly to keep the team competitive. ” Arsenal, despite everything, was not the only one who wanted to sign him.

Ponsot has also blurted out that they were “three big clubs“Those who asked about the midfielder.” The first was more for next season “and” the second was related to the departure of a player player. “Although in this case they could” have reached an agreement “, it was not certified.

Did Madrid ask?

The question that arises is whether the first team that looked more to the future than to an immediate operation was Real Madrid. And it is that Zidane, who does not usually talk about outside players, got wet in one of the press conferences of the team Chamartin. The Frenchman highlighted the potential of Aouar and did not rule out that in the future he could play in the Santiago Bernabeu.

“I don’t know what information you have. I have no doubt about this player, he is a great player. Maybe one day he could play for Real Madrid, but today we have this squad and my concern is the ones I have now. From the 5th There will no longer be these questions, “Zidane stressed.

Real Madrid set a goal before the transfer market and ended up meeting it at the end of the transfer stage. It was none other than entering 100 million euros in transfers. Without receiving additions, a certain austerity would thus be fulfilled, thinking about the future economic crisis unleashed by Covid-19.

This is how it was wanted and it was The merengue club did not sign anyone and left all the new faces for 2021. That will be the year, if Covid-19 allows it, in which Zidane’s team tries to reinforce with pearls like Mbappé, Camavinga and, may, with Aouar.

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