The WhatsApp from Campazzo to Radoncic that changed his career:

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“Get to work and find your best version, son of a bitch.” A phrase from Facundo Campazzo, via WhatsApp, to a young canterano like Dino radoncic. The Argentine guard ends his time at Real Madrid, at least for the moment, to fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA. And the Montenegrin, who shared a dressing room with him, wanted to reveal this story lost in the memory of the WhatsApp.

Dino Radoncic rose to the first team under the orders of Pablo Laso. Next to Santi Yusta, It was one of the bets of the merengue team. Doncic had been successful and advocating for the product of Factory it was total. Radoncic always showed good qualities on the floor, but anxiety and pressure many times.

Radoncic left Real Madrid and has already played in San Pablo Burgos, UCAM Murcia like Facu himself, Tenerife and, now, in the Casademont Zaragoza. In addition, he has savored what it is to be international with Montenegro. All this with 21 years, which seems to indicate that he will have a long career and with more than one success in the world of basketball.

The forward has revealed, once Campazzo’s official goodbye has been known, the conversation that changed his trajectory. “When I was going through the worst times In my career, you’ve been I will never forget it, you are huge, “Radoncic explained by posting a screenshot of a conversation from WhatsApp with Campazzo.

A key message

The Argentine base was very clear with him. “I wanted to talk to you for a long time,” Campazzo wrote one night at 11:37 pm. “You have to relax and start enjoying yourself. You work what you like, you have a gift. Enjoy it,” the Argentine asked the merengue youth squad. “For your family“it reminded him.

“Everyone has bad times and that’s not why you’re going to throw in the towel. It’s part of our job, but that’s it.” Campazzo, resounding, was giving Radoncic’s morale a boost. “Get to work and find your best version, motherfucker. And looking for your best version means having a bad time at times. Dale moron, “Campazzo sentenced in a private message to Radoncic revealed after his dismissal.

The Montenegrin, by the way, wanted to emphasize that those who have seen Campazzo work “day after day” know how he has achieved it. “A dedication, work and effort that I have never seen, but above all a person and a friend of 10. I have a heart full of happiness for you, my roommate “, Radoncic has accompanied in the same message of remembrance, like many colleagues.

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