Hazard celebrates his goal with his Real Madrid teammates

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The player of the Real Madrid Raphael Varane appeared at a telematic press conference before the match of Champions in front of Inter Milan. The Madrid central defender analyzed the situation of the team that arrives thrown after his resounding victory against Huesca by 4-1 in which the French footballer did not play a single minute as part of the rotations of Zidane.

The central will start against the Italian team together with Sergio Ramos, who was accompanied last Saturday by Eder Miltao, who will not be able to together with the rest of his teammates after having tested positive for coronavirus in the tests that have been repeated to the squad this morning after an inconclusive result obtained on Sunday.

Varane and the rest of the squad know that the clash against the team of Antonio Conte It will be very hard, since it is the strongest team in the group and, although it does not come in a great moment, it has world-class players such as Lautaro Martinez, Alexis Sanchez or Arturo vidal that will undoubtedly pose a very complicated match in the duel this Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. at the Alfredo Di Stéfano. This is how Raphael Varane analyzed the crash:

Play without Ramos

“As a defender, I feel more comfortable when we defend more compactly. When the team does not defend well, we have to make more complicated decisions behind. It is true that when Sergio was not there, we were not well. Sergio contributes a lot at a collective level. His character is very good for the team. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but we haven’t been well without him. But I think it’s everyone’s business. My qualities are complementary, he makes me better and I make him better. It’s a question of everyone being there together”.

Madrid plays it

“We have to take this match as a direct tie. You have to play with the right attitude. We like these challenges. We have one more chance to play a great game.”

Inter without Lukaku

“I know him well. I played against him when he was at Manchester, with the national team … Also when we were little. He is very good. But Inter have a very complete squad. They are a very solid team, which always creates danger at the top. You always have to be ready to face anyone. “

Militao positive

“We know that in this period we are in we have to be prepared for this kind of thing. We have not thought about not playing the game. I think we have to adapt to any situation. Preparation is complicated. We have to think about what we can do and nothing else. “

The Manchester match

“I believe it is the past. You have to learn from the past and become stronger. Always after victories we say that we cannot live from the past, when we lose it is the same. You always have to be positive.”

Eden Hazard

“He is a very good person with whom we can talk about everything and laugh. He adapted very well to the dressing room. He is a top player, with a lot of quality. He is going to give us a lot. At an unbalanced level he is a special player. At a technical level we He’s going to give a lot. As a person, he’s very good and always positive. “

Hazard celebrates his goal with his Real Madrid teammates


The situation Barça-Madrid

“We lack a bit of regularity. It may be for different reasons. The calendar is very complicated. The preparation has also been different. These may be the reasons. There is still a lot left and we think about improving. We have done very good things and we have to think in these things to continue growing. With the calendar that exists we will need all the players and that each one of his maximum. We will continue with the efforts, to give everything to make the season a good one. These are very special conditions, but we have to get this regularity in good games to keep adding “.

The dressing room is attached

“The dressing room is very close. We know the context and the responsibility of playing for Madrid because of the pressure that exists. What can be said outside … we are used to it. Inside we are calm and we have to help each other. The results are not good, the pressure is very strong. We have to be united and among ourselves, to be helping each other. This depends on us and there are things that are not ours, with these things we must have peace of mind “.

Just defense

“The calendar is complicated. There are many games. There are casualties behind, but we think about preparing well to play every three days. It will never be easy, but we have to be prepared. We do not think about injuries. In Europe there are many players who They have been injured at this rate. We only think about giving one hundred percent and not thinking about half-time. That way you don’t win games. We have to always be on top. “

Achraf and his departure

“I think he had to make the decision that was best for him. Madrid will always be a special club for him, but he also thinks about his career, what he wants to do. He has to make decisions. The player adapts to the context and the offers and tries to choose well. He’s a great player. “

Patience with the young

“A lot is always expected from the players, both the press, the fans or the players themselves. You always have to be calm, you have to give time to gain experience and progress. The context for a young player in Madrid is complicated. There are players young people who grow up fast. There is no better learning for a young person than to come to Real Madrid because they learn faster because of that difficulty. There are young players in the squad who are living it now. “

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