Sergio Ramos, after injury in UEFA Nations League Spain - Germany

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The Real Madrid go back to The league this Saturday. After the international break, the last until 2021, the white club resumed the competition by taking on a rival of the fittest in the entire La Liga: the Villarreal. Zinedine Zidane He has analyzed the game at a press conference this Friday and all the news that has surrounded the white team over the last two weeks.

Zidane has answered questions from the media before starting a marathon of matches in which La Liga and La Champions they are at stake if the whites want to stay alive. After Villarreal will come Inter and the white club tries to return to the path of victory after the painful puncture against him Valencia.

On the Madrid side there will be significant casualties such as those of Sergio Ramos or Foath Valverde. Zidane and his coaching staff are watching what happens with Karim Benzema Y Raphael varane, with both discomfort, which will be tested in this Friday’s session, the last one before the game.


“There is good news. We are all back and thinking about tomorrow’s game. There are players who are touched, that is the bad news. We are already thinking about the game and doing well. We do not think about what they talk about outside, that is what is important to us. Only in the game. “

The state of Varane

“Let’s see tomorrow. We don’t talk about the team, what we’re going to do. Early He’s not 100% and he didn’t train yesterday, but he’s committed, he wants to be with us and he wants to play, that’s good. We’ll see how we do it tomorrow. “

Ramos situation

“I don’t think the best thing for Ramos is to leave the national team. I just want Sergio to be well and for the club to be. That everything continues forward. He is an important person, he is our leader. The Spanish team has nothing to do with it. What to see. Let it continue until he wants, he decides. ”

Sergio Ramos, after injury in UEFA Nations League Spain – Germany


Frustration over casualties

“Yes, because you watch the games and your players are injured, it is very bad news. But that’s it, it’s another day and we know that Sergio will not be there. Let him recover quickly. Varane will be there and we only think about the game When your players get injured it’s the worst for a coach. “

The national stops

“I do not enter into that debate. What is true is that every year is too much. I think about the health of the players and when we have so many games, they never stop. they live the same things. I’m worried, but I’m not going to get involved. They are the ones who make the calendar, but they worry so many games. ”

Ramos dependency

“We always want our captain with us, because of what he is and what he transmits, we know the importance he has. But when he is not, we cover him with the people who are there. Regarding his situation, I want him to settle with the club how much before”.

Upcoming matches

“We have not had games, only training sessions. They are prepared, but you have to see it. Carvajal Y Nacho yes but Casemiro, Hazard Y Militao they had to be at his house and they just did a few things. What we have to do is group and think about tomorrow’s game. For us they are all the important games, the League, the Champions … we have to do it well, without relaxing for a minute. All rivals demand a lot from us. I just want to do well and play a good game. ”

Karim Benzema and Casemiro in a Real Madrid training session

Karim Benzema and Casemiro in a Real Madrid training session

Dose Ramos

“Yes, but like everyone. We were talking before the schedule. It is what it is. My feeling is what it is and trying to do the best with the players. Everyone can’t play and I have to manage that. The schedule is a bad thing.” .

Team form

“It is very difficult. It will be difficult until the end, it is the reality we are living in. Everything is a bit strange and different. The calendar is what it is and we have to play the games, prepare well. Win all the games that it is. what we have to do, but knowing that they are difficult. ”

Mbappé and Madrid

“The best age to sign for Madrid is when you choose the club.”

The critics

“This is not going to change. We are preparing for tomorrow’s game and nothing else. We are in Madrid, we know the situation, we cannot fail for a minute, that’s the way it has always been. This is how this club is, but nothing happens. we prepare for that, for the game tomorrow. ”

The calendar and FIFA

“We would have liked a gesture to improve it, but not me, if not all of us. We all like to be heard. All the coaches meet to express ourselves and ask that things be changed. Then there are people who are trained to do that and You have to see what they decide. I only think about the health of the players, they are the ones who play, the spectacle. The more they rest, the more spectacle they can give. ”

Team training

“Not at the moment because the calendar is what it is. Not only for training, but also for recovery, which is very important between games. We have to put up with the situation that it is and we are going to comply. I wanted to talk about that today. and I do, nothing happens. ”

Militao’s situation

“I don’t know if he is 100%. He has been training for two days since his return and we have to go little by little. We have not had games, he has only done those training sessions and he has to recover little by little the form like the rest.”

Varane’s moment

“Varane, not just for me, for everyone. He is part of this club, we managed to bring him in and he has done a lot for the team. He is non-transferable for me, for the club and for the fans. You can’t stop them from talking about him. They do everyone, but the position is clear. ”

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