Final pineapple of the Real Madrid players in the warm-up

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He Real Madrid will close the year 2020 in full shape. The team trained by Zidane has overcome several crises. In fact, so far this season he has already overcome two great lows that made the team doubt in certain sectors. However, the sporting results have put themselves back on the path of success and the white team continues to grow. As if that were not enough, the entity that presides Florentino Pérez has managed to add an unexpected ‘title’, different and without physical award: winning the blow of the Covid-19.

The health pandemic has been a disaster in economic terms for all large organizations. Cultural assets, purely financial or sports, the coronavirus has forced to reduce expenses due to the loss of income. Effects that have been minimized at Real Madrid thanks to a change in sports strategy: against signings; sales and transfers.

The club from the capital will close the year with good economic numbers, with a great sporting streak and with a certain advantage over its main rivals on the pitch. Achievements that, accompanied by titles, confirm that the merengue entity has survived one of the most complicated exercises in the history of football.

Final pineapple of the Real Madrid players in the warm-up


A summer of 100

The transfer market of 2020 it wasn’t easy at all. The economics of all the clubs were touched. But the impact of the income reduction in the biggest teams of the continent they were noticed more. Accustomed to investing in each transfer window, they were going to have to completely change course if they wanted to avoid getting worse. Real Madrid took measures from the outset and, with Florentino Pérez at the helm, they decided to postpone any galactic signing in the summer.

The maximum president merengue confirmed it as soon as he won The league. Months later he would fully fulfill his word. Real Madrid has not signed any player and, in addition, it has undertaken an exit operation that has resulted in more than 100 million euros of income. A considerable number considering that they were players who had no place in the project.

Bale and Reguilón celebrate a Tottenham goal

Bale and Reguilón celebrate a Tottenham goal


Achraf and his 40 kilos to go to Inter Milan, the 30 million Sergio Reguilon for going to Tottenham or the 13.5 that Sevilla paid for taking over the services of another squad player like Óscar Rodríguez.

Operations that were supported by others such as James and Everton or even the transfer of Gareth Bale to Tottenham. Several steps that allowed the merengue entity to enter 100 kilos in the hardest summer of the last years while not a euro was spent to acquire players. Since 2017/2018, the club had not finished the market positive. Also, on that occasion less was admitted than on this one.

Positive accounts

These amounts are not the only ones with which Real Madrid has managed to overcome, in financial terms, the disaster generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The data offered on the last merengue financial year, or the budget and forecasts for the coming months, also represent a breath of confidence and a close of 2020 that is the best possible given the conditions.

Recently, in the corresponding Assembly, the white accounts came out with an almost absolute support of the Madrid voters. Real Madrid continues with 533 million euros of net worth and maintains the upward dynamics of recent years.

Florentino Pérez, at the Real Madrid assembly: “The reform of football cannot wait”

In addition, in the last fiscal year marked by the pandemic and where there was no income from the Santiago Bernabeu, the white box certified 313,000 euros as a positive economic result. To this must be added the works of the New Santiago Bernabéu, which are continuing and with notable progress.

Data that, compared to those of the maximum rival, further reinforce the position of Real Madrid. The Catalan team, until a few weeks ago with Josep Maria Bartomeu at the helm, he has not managed to overcome the Covid-19 pothole and his accounts are leaking. Hence, the Manager that organizes the club has paid all its attention to keeping an entity very weakened by the economic crisis alive. Faced with the positive results of the team from the capital, the red numbers of the Barcelona team.


Not only the economic figures have accompanied Real Madrid’s journey in 2020 to oblivion. The merengue team has also benefited at the level of titles, where in addition to surpassing its main rivals in Spanish football, it has managed to close the year of the best possible way in European competition.

Real Madrid celebrate La Liga

Real Madrid celebrate La Liga

Jose Nieto

Last season, it should be remembered, the team trained by Zidane won a Super Cup fight against Atlético de Madrid. Title that was somewhat forgotten due to the dates and that, however, would end up being part of the merengue double during 2019/2020. The capital team returned after the stoppage by Covid-19 in a great state of form and managed to lift the champion belt of one of the most complicated leagues that are remembered in recent years. More than for the sporting rivalry, for conditions and an atmosphere of tension that none of the footballers had experienced before.

The icing on the 2020 white has arrived in the last official matches. Zidane’s team was touched until a few weeks ago. Much. So much so that, from outside the entity, the future of the Frenchman was questioned. At the club they always trusted in their potential at the head of the bench and the merengue team met expectations. Three finals, three victories and data and image that were missing.

First, Real Madrid won in Seville, then certified the first group place in the Champions League and, hours later, ended up being the only Spanish team that finished at the top of the continental classification. After winning the derby and keeping the winning streak intact, Real Madrid is still alive in La Liga and has emerged as the main candidate to fight for the title with Atlético.



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