Thibaut Courtois signing an autograph for a Real Madrid fan.

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He Real Madrid it is a universal club. His leadership knows no borders and transcends even all imaginable limits. From the white entity, in addition, they are proud that this is the case, since they have always transmitted an identity of the global team, thinking of each and every one of their fans, wherever they are from.

Obviously, the greatest potential of fans of the white team is near its nerve center. Spain, and especially its capital, MadridThey have great power for Madridismo, since it is the most admired and followed club in the whole country and the entire city of Madrid.

However, the success and follow-up of Real Madrid go beyond the territories, as can be seen in the trips that the team makes through the different countries of Europe. Something similar also happens during the team’s preseason rallies in more exotic areas, since the Whites have thousands of fans in areas such as US, Asia or even Australia. Real Madrid raises passions wherever it goes.

Thibaut Courtois signing an autograph for a Real Madrid fan.

Real Madrid

In addition, it is not far from reality to say that the white team is followed around the world, on the five continents, since it is a feeling that runs through the entire planet, even its most remote places. In the club they know it, and for that reason they continue to work on that universal character of the entity, since they extend their lap to the whole planet and to all the fans who follow football. It could be said, therefore, that Real Madrid is the club for everything.

Recently, the success of Real Madrid in Africa, so it is due to state that Africa is a Madridista. The merengue team is the most sought after team on the Internet in 25 countries on the African continent, which marks an unprecedented success and, above all, without borders.

Real Madrid provokes a current of enormous interest in a country both in the north and west of the continent of Africa, from Morocco until Madagascar going by Libya, Republic of the Congo, Angola or Central African Republic. This is demonstrated by a study carried out by Amazing Paper taking as reference the searches made in the search engine Google in all the country.

Compete with the Premier

The success of Real Madrid on the African continent is only threatened by the great expansion of the Premier League, but not even for a single club. It is the set formed by Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool who tries to fight the supremacy of the Madrid team.

Map of Africa with the favorite soccer teams of each country

Map of Africa with the favorite soccer teams of each country

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The gunners are the most wanted team in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia and Rwanda, while the set of Old trafford dominates throughout southern Africa, especially in areas such as South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. For its part, Liverpool’s dominance is reduced to Egypt, a country in which they have great influence thanks to one of the stars, the player Mohamed salah, born in the Egyptian city of Nagrid.

The division of these results has a logical and historical explanation, since the English clubs dominate in the areas where the English colonies were established, while Real Madrid triumphs in the areas where the Francophone civilizations settled. The fact that the history of the white club is linked to characters such as Zinedine Zidane, current coach and former player, also favors this division of the territory. The fact that there is no such dominant French team as the Whites also contributes to their success.

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