Lucas Vázquez against Borussia

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Lucas Vazquez has become the solution to all the problems of the Real Madrid in these last games. Everyone agrees that his work from the right side has been impeccable. Adapted to a position in which he had played by obligation for a few minutes in the past, the white youth squad has claimed his position the year in which the contract ends. It is not known if he has an office like that of Saul goodman in Better call saul, but Zidane has called him and that of Curtis has come to the answer.

It is remarkable, without a doubt, his performance before the Borussia Monchengladbach. There was a final ahead and the Galician was serious in attack and defense. From his feet a magical center was born towards the head of Karim Benzema, who put the icing on the cake with a great header to put the whites ahead on the scoreboard. Lucas was once again the one from the beginning of his career, with the degree of experience on his side and in a position that is not his either.

Marcus thuram he was designated not to accompany him in defense, to stay off the hook and thus try to take advantage of a habitual error in his position; neglect the back, go up on the attack and leave the white defense outnumbered against it. It was completely the same. The young French winger saw Lucas detach himself from his position and appear behind him or in front of him moments later. He was omnipresent on the field and, when faced with him, he did not evade melee despite the Frenchman’s physical complexion.

Lucas Vázquez against Borussia


That was only what was seen, but what did not have such an impact on the cameras is that it was a way to relieve the timid German pressure. Kroos, Mendy Y Bouquets they resorted on many occasions to the change of game towards the right side to leave. In addition, the stripes and the daring of Lucas when going forward allowed the team to break defensive lines. Modric found in him an unexpected partner, but more than grateful to dance on the field.

The feeling that Lucas is a new case Jesus Navas it is as real as it is feasible. His performances in these games have made it clear that with intensity, sacrifice and, above all, the desire to play football, the Galician can perform defensive tasks. Zidane was convinced of this, which is why he has given him confidence whenever he could. The ridicule of some with a player who seemed to have no level for the Real Madrid squad have disappeared in the last month.


There are two factors to consider. The first is the response to need. Lucas is a club player and, when they most needed an extra effort to get out of a complicated situation, that’s where the youth squad appeared. The second is to earn that renewal. He says it is “a complicated matter”. It is not trivial considering the economic situation of the entity and its age. But the reality is that his performance on the field has at least made it worth a try.

Nor should you go crazy. Lucas, for the average requirement that a squad like Real Madrid should have, is in the medium-low level. He knows it himself, but he makes up for it with a sacrifice that makes him stand out above many others. And is that if everything goes as before, to think that Lucas can settle as a substitute right back of the team, in addition to contributing his versatility in attack if necessary, it is not ruled out if Odriozola does not step forward.

The Basque now has to respond to this exhibition that Lucas has made in recent days. Meanwhile, the Galician is with a clear conscience. Zidane is seen in the diatribe of how to adjust the team in the face of the appointment before him Atlético de Madrid and is not for less. The return of Dani carvajal It is more than necessary, but without this meaning to cover the progression that Curtis’s has had. To this day, thinking that Vázquez can form in the starting eleven as a right winger is not crazy.

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