Jan Oblak, during an Atlético de Madrid match in the Champions League

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The derby that can score a League It is played this Saturday in the Say Stefano. Valdebebas it will host its first major derby and there will be much more than three points at stake on the pitch. The roles arrive changed since a year ago it was the Real Madrid the one that had nine points ahead of Athletic and now it is the rojiblancos who get six (and one game less) to the whites.

The best Atleti in recent years is measured against a Madrid that has taken its wings out on the last day. The current favorite to La Liga, said it until Zidane, he can hit the table at the neighbor’s house and the reigning champion threatens to get fully into the title fight.

The respect between the two has reigned in the previous days. Zidane and Simeone They have only had praise for each other, but at Di Stéfano there will be a full-fledged tactical battle. Who will win the war from the bench? On the field several individual duels are expected that will define the derby.

Jan Oblak, during an Atlético de Madrid match in the Champions League


Courtois vs. Oblak

Two of the best goalkeepers in the world, face to face. The Zamora from last season with which he leads the current classification. Both Madrid and Atleti have one of their pillars in their goals and how successful they are could lead to the derby on one side or the other. With Madrid, Courtois does not know what it is to lose against his former team and has only conceded one goal in five games. Oblak, in 19 games, has conceded 20 goals and left the goal unbeaten seven times.

Casemiro vs. Llorente

A couple of seasons ago, Casemiro was the undisputed starter and Llorente was the substitute for Madrid. Much has changed since then, especially the life of the second, who is now a pupil of Simeone and, on top of that, has changed his demarcation to offer a more offensive football. Even so, it will be special to see that face to face on a field in which the two played as Real Madrid youth players.

Luka Modric, in a Real Madrid match

Luka Modric, in a Real Madrid match


Modric vs. Koke

The football of Madrid and Atleti runs from the boots of Modric and Koke. Both have been doubted and currently go through a great level of form. De Luka, 35 years old, was told that by now he would be finished and just three days ago he gave his last lesson with the ball. Koke was whistled by the Wanda public and has now returned to the National Team on his own merits. They have experience in derbies and must guide their teams.

Lucas Vazquez vs. Carrasco

Two others that not long ago were not imagined here. Lucas because it seemed that he was ahead of the youngest and Carrasco because he played in China. The two have vindicated themselves and right now they are the bottom of their teams. Lucas, on the right, has more dedication and Carrasco, on the left, more electricity. The two are being key in the recent performance of their respective teams.

Atkinson / Vinicius vs. Joao Happy

In the attacks of Madrid and Atleti there will be youth. At Atleti, a Joao Félix will be sure that this season has already achieved the confidence he needed to be one of the stars of Atleti. In Madrid it is not known if Asensio, Vinicius or even Rodrygo will be there, but whichever of the three is, he is a standard-bearer for the next generation of stars. Asensio, the oldest, is from 1996. Joao Félix, from 99. Vinicius, from 2000 and Rodrygo, from 2001. There is nothing.

Benzema vs. Suarez

The last of the duels is that of two of the best ‘9’ that have passed through La Liga (and in football) in the last decade. Suárez, with five goals, has one more in the league than Benzema. The French, however, adds another four goals in the Champions League and the Uruguayan has not been released, so the global battle is for Karim (8 to 5). It will be the first derby for Luis, who has already scored 11 goals for Madrid. Benzema has only made 5 to Atleti.



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