Achraf in a match for Inter Milan in the 2020/2021 Champions League

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He Inter Milan stayed out of the eighth of the Champions and not only that, but they will not dispute the Europa League to be last of their group. The nerazzurri are marked and many find in Conte to the main culprit of the situation that the Italian squad is going through.

Especially controversial is the way the coach uses Achraf, who has already scored goals and distributed assists with Inter, but who has not yet shown that version that he fell in love with when he played in the ranks of the Borussia Dortmund.

About this he has spoken Cassano at Christian Vieri Show. “Achraf scored some goals, but for me he is a different player. He is confused, because he is a player to be let go: let him play winger with three or four, but let him free,” said the Italian about how to get the best performance of the youth squad Real Madrid.

Achraf in a match for Inter Milan in the 2020/2021 Champions League


Cassano has not been only in how Conte loses the best Achraf for not giving him the freedom he needs, but he has also touched on other details that have weighed down Inter Milan in the Champions League this season: “In these six Champions matches, Inter have always done it wrong: they have played very badly, without idea.

“Football becomes quality: in Italy you can play with Romelu Lukaku, who in physical terms nobody is behind him, but quality is needed in the Champions League. Christian Eriksen, in five minutes, did more than Nicolò Barella and Roberto Gagliardini Inter have failed, “continued the ex-Madridista.

Afterwards, he has focused on his own Antonio Conte: “Milan Skriniar, before joining Conte, was one of the most coveted players in Europe and he massacred him. He massacred Diego Godín, treating him very badly.” And is that Cassano is not a fan of the current coach black and blue.

Conte gives orders to the Inter Milan players from the side

Conte gives orders to the Inter Milan players from the side


“Right now Antonio Conte has only one thing to do here: be forced to win the Scudetto. Otherwise the situation will turn into a massacre if he does not win a championship, otherwise everything has to be changed,” he added about the coach interista.

‘Erikssen case’

Although if there is a player who has dropped his performance significantly under Conte’s command, it is Eriksen. While Marrota has indicated that what Conte decides about any footballer is “unquestionable”, Conte has sent a warning saying that “if Eriksen leaves in January, Conte will have a party.”

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