Fede Valverde, during a game this season

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Faith Valverde has become one of the most recognizable names in the Real Madrid. He has the great virtue of being physically gifted, an aspect that allows him to perform reliably even in his worst games. When he does not have the day in the technical, he never out of tune, because he always runs for him and for the partner next to him. And that, everyone on the team knows, they want to always be close because where their legs do not reach, the heart of the Uruguayan always appears.

The Real Madrid midfielder is everyone’s perfect partner due to the wide range of resources he has within his game, which he is expanding by leaps and bounds. Despite being only 22 years old, he is a very mature and focused player, aware of his virtues and his limitations and a sickly Madridista. He wears the shield and the white shirt sewn to his heart and to his own skin. That’s why nothing ever hurts when it comes to breaking your soul for the team that I love so much. This is Fede, a tireless fighter.

However, Fede not only has strength in his legs to be the lung of the team, but he also has it in his head, in his mind. He has just gone through a difficult time, an injury that left him in the dry dock during the most difficult month the team had. After the match against him Valencia in Mestalla, suffered a cleft in the tibial spine.

Fede Valverde, during a game this season

The league

He managed to return four weeks later in the derby against him Atlético de Madrid, already with 2-0 on the scoreboard. That meant that he could not be helping his team in those three finals that have ended up being key for the white team to take flight. Your absences in Seville, before him Borussia Monchengladbach and in much of the duel against the rojiblancos they were noticed by the team, but even more so by the team, who was dying to go out onto the pitch to help their team.

However, those bad moments are over and Fede is already reinstated with the group and has played several games again before the end of the year. Now he just wants to recover minutes and training to regain that great confidence and return to being that unstoppable player that he was before his injury and that exploded in 2020. Within his recovery process he has managed to start two of the last three games, so everything is going smoothly.

The wild card in the middle

Fede Valverde has one of the most complicated tasks at Real Madrid that any player on the team has. Despite not being the undisputed starter, a rank that he has reached in some moments of this great year 2020, he has the mission of being the wild card that replaces everyone in the center of the field. This is what his soccer category, his worth and his versatility demand.

Be the substitute for Casemiro at Real Madrid it’s difficult. Be the replacement for Kroos it’s very complicated. And be the replacement of Luka Modric it is almost impossible mission. But being the player all eyes turn to when one of the three is missing is a task that can only be accomplished ‘the little bird’.

Fede Valverde against Dani García and Unai Vencedor, at Real Madrid - Athletic de La Liga

Fede Valverde against Dani García and Unai Vencedor, at Real Madrid – Athletic de La Liga


Sometimes, in squads like Real Madrid, it is not so important to play as a starter or not, but to be trusted by the coach so that, regardless of the missing player, he always thinks of you and organizes the team so that he can enter player you have in mind, even if you have to modify the rest or even the system. Something like this happens with Fede Valverde, sometimes a starter, but always in Zidane’s mind when something goes wrong in the middle, be it injuries, rotations or penalties. In addition, his enormous performance has forced Zidane to even modify his system because his presence was necessary for the team.

Fede’s year

The year 2020 has been difficult for everyone and Real Madrid has been no exception. It has had comings and goings, good times and not so good. Failures such as the elimination in the second round of the Champions in front of Manchester City, but also achievements of great importance such as the achievement of the most complicated league in history, that of the Covid-19.

However, if anyone will remember how this 2020 began, specifically in Saudi Arabia, is Fede Valverde, who became the team leader in that exotic Spain Supercup won before Valencia, he Barça and Atlético de Madrid. The whites, who arrived with tremendously important casualties such as those of Benzema, Hazard, Asensio and Bale. However, there Fede Valverde appeared to be crowned as the reference player in a tournament that received the attention of the whole world.

Fede Valverde receives the MVP award of the Spanish Super Cup

Fede Valverde receives the MVP award of the Spanish Super Cup

Since that success, the career and importance of Fede Valverde in Real Madrid have gone growing until he becomes that determining player on the squad who contributes an invaluable physical waste, who has great intelligence to play quickly and with few touches, who adapts to both interior positions and to demarcations closer to the band and who has a masterful ability to breaking lines while driving thanks to its speed, its verticality and its overflow. In addition, this year he is providing much more offensive presence and shooting from long range, as requested by Zidane.

Fede, who this season already has three goals, one of them to open the can in the victory of Camp NouHe remembers with special emotion that Spanish Super Cup in which he gave absolutely everything. Therefore, he dreams of repeating his triumph in a few days in the 2021 Super Cup and that it is the beginning of another great year as this 2020 has been for him, at least in football.

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