Diego Pablo 'Cholo' Simeone and Gabi Fernández

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Gabi has decided to hang up the boots and has spoken about it in The Transistor and in The spar. In the program Zero Wave, the already ex-footballer has spoken of some proper names such as Griezmann: “Lor The only thing I said was that he had to go through the front door of Atlético de Madrid. He is a good boy, a decisive player who spends all day with his NBA and his rugby. “

He has also talked about the future. A future that could be linked to the benches. “I’m going to get ready for the future to win the next challenge. “Although he has made it clear that” I would never coach Real Madrid, in the end you choose your team and I chose Atlético. “

He has acquired different things from his coaches: “I keep something from each of them. I have spent more time with ‘El Cholo’ and I’m sure that if one day I am a coach, I will have things of his own.” Long and hard also spoke on the program of the SER string. Of his retirement, past, present and future, as well as the role of favorite of the Athletic for this edition of The league.

Now what?

“Enjoy my people, but the bug is already biting me and I only retired one day. I want to prepare well for the future and want to continue linked to the world of football.”

Meditated withdrawal

“I have had offers from Spain to continue playing, even from abroad but I knew that when I was going to Qatar they would go for my last two years, I wanted to retire well.”

Diego Pablo ‘Cholo’ Simeone and Gabi Fernández


Work with Simeone

“In this life nothing is ruled out, I have to prepare. To get to a position for what I have been is not the best way.”

In the team of ‘El Cholo’

“Always working alongside a coach like him is very positive. And alongside Xavi? They have both very well chosen their work group, neither of them will call me.”

Athletic 2020/2021

“He has things very clear, due to the characteristics of the players he has to adapt. He has the best First team but not the best eleven.”

Favorite to win La Liga

“Depending on how the other two -Real Madrid and Barcelona- are doing, if they are not quite well, they have a chance of opting for all the titles. I see them with many possibilities of winning La Liga, because of the confidence they are in.”

More possession

“Simeone has seen the qualities of the players, Joao Félix falling to the left and being in contact with the ball has more possibilities. Now he dominates the games more.”

The ‘new’ Carrasco

“He is more involved and before it was more difficult to defend.”

Is this Atlético or yours?

“At the moment for mine because we have shown it. Be careful that the squad with which we won the Copa del Rey at the Bernabéu. We were the best group at the time, not the best squad. We knew how to get the games out.”

The Gabi of the current squad

“Koke tried to do it a little bit. The comparisons are odious. There is no one with such defensive characteristics, of that cut. Maybe Torreira.”

Arrival of Luis Suarez

“It reminded me of Villa’s, if we win La Liga, Messi ends up at Atlético next year -laughs-. Only the hierarchy, the respect with which the centrals will go to him. Just by having Atleti on the field already the coupon”.

Joao Felix

“More mature, he decides better and does not run as much. More involved in what Atlético is. Suárez fixes the center-backs and Joao has more freedom between the lines and that hierarchy of Luis Suárez relieves him of responsibilities.”

Offensive evolution

“It evolves with the players it has, with more variations. It has been adapting to the players that have been arriving and it is getting the most out of all of them. Putting the players it has now to defend would be crazy.”

Gabi, during the game against Qarabag

Gabi, during the game against Qarabag


How about Xavi?

“I emphasize his intelligence to watch football. He is thinking about football 24 hours. At home he is all the time with football.”

Is Xavi ready for Barça?

“Yes, in these two years he has prepared for it. With a great work group, very human. In a short time we will see him here.”

What did you lack in your career?

“Winning the mythical ‘Orejona’, for all Atlético. Even if it was only to catch it and then throw it away -laughs-. And then, the issue of the National Team but I understand the generation ahead, the best in history. missed a call or internal acknowledgment “.


“Well I had the chance last year to come back, but it would have been a mistake. At Atleti, when ‘El Mono’ left, there were no calls.”


“I have tried to help him whenever I could. He was very gifted from an early age and is becoming the club’s greatest legend, both as a player and as a captain.”

If you get the call from Simeone …

“Right now I do not know, I know that I am qualified. I like to lead groups. I would like to be first coach but I do not know if I have to pass before being second, I would.”

Qatar 2022

“It will be the best World Cup ever in terms of technology and stadium, but environment … it will be another story.”

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