Hazard, on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabéu, attended by doctors

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If we speak of misery in the Real Madrid one name stands out above the rest. Eden Hazard has suffered bad fortune during this 2020 to the point of being constantly punished for injuries. He was the star signing of the white team, but rather he has crashed into a host of physical problems that he had never suffered in his career and that have appeared when his great sporting moment arrived.

He has had up to seven different periods of absence this year that gives his last blows, but his best ending could come in Elche with his first minutes after overcoming the last ailment. Zidane saw fit not to play against him Pomegranate, but, faced with the problems of Rodrygo, and with some more training, the logical thing would be to close this 2020 playing in the Martinez Valero this Wednesday. This stadium will mark the beginning of a new illusion.

In his second season as Real Madrid’s visible face, he has been rather the hidden one, because of those physical problems that have marked his 2020. His presence has been rather testimonial. Of 46 possible games throughout this year, he has played 28 where he has accumulated three goals and seven assists. In this period, the most often he has played has been three games. Without continuity, without luck and without showing his quality, Hazard has lived a torment this year.


If the year began with that fissure caused by Thomas miller that kept him away until February, his bad luck led him to, just when he returned to the playing field, he was injured again with those new problems in the fibula that forced him to undergo surgery. It was that injury that has marked his 2020 without a doubt, since it has not only affected him by moving away from the playing fields, but also leaving him without confidence on the field.

Hazard, on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabéu, attended by doctors

With a pandemic involved and after the disaster of Manchester, the new campaign was a good time to reset the chip. He forced himself to be the hero of White’s comeback this summer, but his level was further away than he had been able to demonstrate at some point last season. In fact, after this meeting he again had a recovery period to start the season 2020/2021 no longer pain in that area.

New problems

But a trauma made this return in September the day of Hazard’s particular groundhog. He would postpone this return to competition until the end of the month, but his physical condition was again being questioned, while there was talk of a loss of his best form during injuries that could cause new ailments.

Upon his return, another muscle injury would separate him for another month and, when he seemed to be having continuity again, the coronavirus. There were three games against Borussia, Huesca and Inter that invited optimism when the team was also having a hard time with its results. His positive practically coincided with a selection break and would only make him miss the appointment of Valencia. Villarreal and Milan they again breathed enthusiasm into Real Madrid, but before the Alaves tragedy returned.

Eden Hazard hurts sitting on the pitch of Alfredo Di Stéfano

Eden Hazard hurts sitting on the pitch of Alfredo Di Stéfano


Another muscle injury has so far had him in the dry dock, an issue he hopes to forget with a few minutes in Elche to close this catastrophic 2020. In this last month of competition, Real Madrid has put the batteries in a special way and Zidane has elaborated an eleven more fixed than when Hazard was on the field. It remains to be seen how this adaptation of the Belgian is, but a new beginning is what the madridismo who has lived his particular want Dose horribilis with Eden.

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