Isco, during a Real Madrid training session

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There are only a few days left for 2020 to lower its curtain. With 2021 there will come not only a new year, but also the opening of the transfer market. In recent months there has been talk of several footballers to change teams in January and one of them plays in the Real Madrid.

Isco Alarcon is one of the last in line and with the Eurocup ‘just around the corner’, the man from Malaga is looking for a way out to have those minutes and that importance that can take him back to the list of the Selection of Luis Enrique. And it is that in the last lists it has been left out by technical decision.

Zidane has spoken a lot about his situation in this first leg of the 2020/2021 season. “It is true that he is not playing much and I do not give him the opportunity to show the player he is,” said the French coach just a few weeks ago. In practically all the press conferences the name of the playmaker was mentioned.

Isco, during a Real Madrid training session

Jose Nieto

A few words that, as already published THE BERNABÉU, they did nothing but open the exit door to the honey Creek. 357 minutes is a very poor balance for ’22’. Isco has only participated in ten games, nine of The league and only a duel of the Champions -in front of Shakhtar Donetsk in the 2-0 defeat on December 1, a game in which he spent 13 minutes on the pitch.

His presence has not only diminished, but he is not among the favorites in the rotation. Faith Valverde is ahead of him and much is expected of Odegaard When the ordeal of injury ends. Nor does a system change enter the roadmap, since Lucas Vazquez has risen from its ashes, Vinicius is at a great level, Asensio seems to wake up and Hazard Come back now.

Need offers

Isco has no place, but now he has the most important thing if he wants to finish his goodbye to Real Madrid: find a team. Not so long ago I had a good poster on the Premier League and in Series A, there was even talk of the interest of the almighty PSG.

Isco Alarcón, during a game this season with Real Madrid

Isco Alarcón, during a game this season with Real Madrid

The league

Guardiola and the Manchester City They had been among the most interested, but with the crisis of the pandemic and the decline in their performance, their departure could become a soap opera. While Real Madrid is open to negotiate for the ’22’. But the first thing is that the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu a good offer arrives.

30 million euros paid for the merengue team for the Malaga midfielder back in 2013. Now, the specialized portal Transfermarkt It values ​​him in an amount of 20 ‘kilos’. With a contract until June 2022, it remains to be seen if Isco will finally leave in January or if his departure from Real Madrid will be postponed until next summer. What seems inevitable is that the player is living his last stage as a Madridista.

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