Isco Alarcón, against Alavés

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Isco He has fallen into a well from which it seems very difficult to get out. The one with honey Creek he’s worse than ever under the orders of the coach who brought out the best in him, Zidane. In recent weeks this decadent process has culminated, both in game and in his role in the team, and it has stopped counting entirely for the French coach. At 28, he is at a time when he must act if he wants to save his sports career.

Isco’s four seasons have been with Zidane as coach (with that break after the Frenchman’s departure and return) and he had never been as bad as now. The image of Isco without playing on the bench set up in the stands is now customary, so much so that he adds three games in a row watching the 90 minutes from there without stepping on the pitch.

In the week in which Madrid and Zidane played it, the white coach did not have him. Seville, Borussia Monchengladbach and Atlético de Madrid. Three victories for Madrid and three consecutive games without seeing Isco short. The results do not accompany Isco who since his last tenure, against the Valencia (8/11), has added three defeats (Valencia, Alaves and Shakhtar) And a tie (Villarreal) in four participations.

Isco Alarcón, against Alavés

The league

Things are going better for Madrid without Isco and Zidane assumes that what happens with the Malaga player is a technical decision: “It is true that he is not playing much and I am not giving him the opportunity to show the player he is,” he said on the press prior to the match against Athletic this Tuesday. Zidane does not hide from the reality of his player, although he sends him a message: “He must work hard, as he is doing.”

Isco’s situation is complicated and, although Zidane promises him minutes in the future, the competition in the center of the field is fierce. Like James Rodríguez last season, Isco is at the end of the queue in his area of ​​the field. Modric, Casemiro, Kroos, Faith Valverde and Odegaard are ahead. Even with the recent injuries to the latter two, Isco’s role has not grown.

Hard decision for Zidane

For Zidane it is also difficult, since Isco has always been one of his weaknesses since he was coach of Real Madrid. As he has once said, he is the footballer in whom he saw his self as a player most reflected and he knew how to get the best out of him. But since Zidane left, and especially since Solari’s period on the bench, Isco has been diluted until almost completely extinguished.

Isco and Zidane

“I feel sorry for my players. I love them very much and I will never forget what they have given me,” Zidane said this Monday, adding Marcelo to the equation. They had never been so bad with him. In the case of Isco, you have to go back to the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 to see the last time he was three games in a row without playing without being due to injury. Went with Rafa Benitez, just before Zidane took over.


Since the 2019/2020 season, Isco has gone downhill with Zidane. After resuming La Liga after the quarantine, the Malaga player was on the bench in five games (he did not play in two), started four times and missed another two games due to injury. This season, he has been without playing in nine games and only one of them (Real society) has been due to injury.

Isco has reached a turning point in his career. He asked to leave in January weeks ago, although Zidane is prone to losing players mid-season. If it is confirmed that the season in white ends, the one from Arroyo de la Miel has a lot of work ahead of him if he wants to ‘reconcile’ with football and Real Madrid and return to being something of what he was during the best stage of his career at the command of Zidane.

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