Koeman during Barça's game with Valencia

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Football does not stop and a new league day is just around the corner, since more commitments of the national championship will be played during the week. He FC Barcelona will play this Tuesday against Real Valladolid of Sergio Gonzalez that comes from scratching a positive spot in front of the Seville after a good second half in the Sánchez-Pizjuán.

For its part, Barça also drew on the last day against Valencia in a game that left very worried Ronald Koeman. The Dutch coach admitted having seen his players with many doubts and without knowing how to face the times of a match in which they began losing, they turned the electronic, but in which they ended up giving up the tie.

Ronald Koeman not only had time to talk about his own team, but he also did so about the controversial play of the Eibar – Real Madrid, hand within the area of Sergio Ramos after the headbutt of Mutt. The action of the white center-back has been much commented, although the penalty would have been of no use, if it had been a goal, to avoid the overwhelming triumph of the whites in Ipurua. This is how Koeman responded to the media.

Koeman during Barça’s game with Valencia


Team problems

“We need to be better with the ball and also without it. And above all, a more regular game. We lack people in certain positions. At Barça we have to win, fight for titles, that’s why it is a complicated situation: we are with young people and We need time”.

Different systems

“We can play with different systems. You can play with three, with two pivots, one pivot … it depends on the rival, the moment of the game. Today the system is not fixed, there are many movements of the players in the same system” .

Messi’s situation

“It is not necessary for Leo to do an interview to say that he is eager because I see him every day. A player as winning as him, not winning all the games … it costs him, of course.”

“I don’t know if Messi’s words affect positively, the squad is very united, working but unhappy with the results. The best vitamin is winning. Leo is integrated, working to improve, like everyone else.”

Messi directing the ball at Barça - Valencia

Messi directing the ball at Barça – Valencia

The league

The league

Araujo, Dembélé and Lenglet

“Araujo is a brave boy, who knows that he has to improve many things but has a great future ahead of him.”

“Dembélé did a part of training yesterday with the substitutes, but he needs more training to be able to summon him. On December 29 against Eibar he will be.”

“Lenglet? The players have to rotate, it’s not easy to endure so many games.”

Sports planning

“I speak with Ramón Planes about the sports area, with no one else. We have to wait to see who the new president is, now it’s my turn to lead the team, we don’t have much time to talk more.”

Bad results

“Every game that we don’t win is a step backwards. I still think there are many games ahead. The problem is not to draw at home against Valencia, the problem is that we have lost a lot away from home. We cannot fail because we have already done so. , and that’s a pressure on the team. “

Set ball hazard

“There are teams that work the set pieces very well. The other day, against Valencia, someone fails in his marking, Araujo was not well placed … we have to improve, have more concentration. Sometimes we also lack taller people to defend”.

The controversy of Ramos

“I don’t understand the VAR criteria. I said it in the Madrid game, there are things that cannot be understood. If you ask 10 people if yesterday’s penalty is a penalty, nine say yes. But the referee decided not to whistle. We already know … “.

The VAR analyzed a possible hand of Sergio Ramos in the Real Madrid area

The VAR analyzed a possible hand of Sergio Ramos in the Real Madrid area

“Everyone has the right to have an opinion: for me, yesterday, it is a penalty. But the referee and his team decided otherwise. It is not easy to make decisions, but if you ask me, I say it is a penalty.”

“In football, sometimes it is not understood why sometimes it is a penalty and sometimes it is not. There is not a single reason, a single reason to decide whether or not it is a penalty. One day it is, another day it seems not. It is complicated even for referees “.

Reply to Florentino

“You don’t have to answer what Florentino said. We all have the right to have an opinion on different issues.

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