Erling Haaland celebrates a goal for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League

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It will not be until 2021 when you can enjoy again Erling haaland within the playing fields. But although he is in the process of recovery, the Nordic forward continues to be on everyone’s lips due to the continuous rumors about his possible departure from the Borussia Dortmund In the not too distant future.

Real Madrid, Manchester City or Manchester United These are just some of the clubs where the Norwegian international is placed. It is not yet known when his departure will occur or what his destination team will finally be, but in the podcast of the kroos brothers, his name has come up.

The podcast Simply wash the bathroom has counted in its last edition with the presence of Volker Struth, Toni and Felix’s agent. The representative pointed out that Haaland is a “very special” player and has not ruled out seeing him one day playing alongside Real Madrid’s ‘8’.

Erling Haaland celebrates a goal for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League


“To Haaland I would not say no. He is very special, both as a footballer and personally. He is also young. You may still play with him, Toni. He will make his way,” said the agent. Some statements before which Toni Kroos has only let out a slight laugh.

What Struth has also recognized is that he has a great relationship with Florentino Pérez. “It usually happens that your president, Mr. Pérez, invites me to breakfast,” revealed the representative of the Kroos. The agent has assured that he has no doubts that Real Madrid is the best club.

“Real Madrid is another level. When I started with this I used to say that you have not achieved it until you manage to do a business with this type of club and it was. The relationship has become very cordial over the years. Real Madrid plays in another league, both on the pitch and off it, “he said.

Memory of the past

Toni Kroos recalled then how was his relationship with Uli Hoeneß: “We were negotiating for a long time, and at the time Uli Hoeness didn’t know what my relationship with Volker was like.” “He told me to call my agent to order. He said that his salary claims were a real impudence. I replied: ‘Well, that’s your opinion,” the midfielder continued.

“But to make it clear: they are not their claims, but ours. Either we agree or not ‘. I had only one year left on my contract. The transfer was relatively cheap. For Real Madrid it was easily acceptable,” he said. Kroos, to later tell his representative that Florentino Pérez came to describe this operation as the signing of the century, after closing the transfer for 25 million euros.

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