Liberbank launches the Real Madrid Mortgage with a fixed rate of 1.15% with bonuses

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Liberbank has found in its recent agreement with Real Madrid a vein to attract new clients in mortgages. The entity has launched the Real Madrid Mortgage at a fixed rate, with a 1.15% interest (2.03% APR) at 10 and 30 years, one of the most competitive in the market, if certain conditions are met.

Specifically, customers can access this interest if they are club members or Madridista card holders, in addition to contracting damage insurance and opening an account in Liberbank with direct debit of payroll of at least 3,000 euros.

These clients will not have to face the costs of appraising the registry notes, and the entity does not charge an opening commission on the loan.

For those who do not meet the conditions, the mortgage will have a 2.40% interest (2.75% APR) without opening commission.

On July 15, Liberbank became the Club’s official bank until the end of the 2025-2026 season, replacing CaixaBank, which became a partner and sponsor in 2017.

The agreement contemplates exclusivity in the banking sector for Spain, Liberbank’s business territory, as reported by the financial institution.

The alliance, in addition to the priority objective of enhancing the Liberbank brand notoriety by generating maximum visibility and association between both brands, has as one of the central axes of collaboration the possibility of participating in the
new lines of financing for the club.

This cooperation covers all levels and segments of the club, including members and fans, since the agreement includes the option for members to finance season tickets under advantageous conditions, as well as the creation of specific and exclusive financial and banking products.



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