Luka Modric, in a Real Madrid match

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Luka Modric He has been insisting for a long time that he wants not to be looked at for his ID. It reflects that he was born in Zadar, Croatia September 9, 1985, that is, 35 years ago. An age in which many world-class footballers enter their decline if they have not done so before. The same does not happen with Modric, who on Wednesday against him Borussia he again gave a lesson in how to play this sport.

Modric was the star in the match of Champions League in which Madrid got the ticket to eighths. Benzema put the goals, Luke Y Rodrygo the assists, but the ’10’ was the one who put the football helped by his best dance partner, Toni Kroos. He played like he was 25 or 27, but not the 35 he really is. And Modric once again proved that everyone was wrong (and we were wrong) with him.

For several seasons there has been talk of dosing Modric. Luka’s age forced her to look at him with different eyes and, after winning The Thirteenth, be a finalist in world and be awarded the Golden Ball In 2018, everyone believed that it was best to take care of their physique by giving it more rest than usual. The plan was to reduce the role of Modric according to his birthday, for a substitute to take his place on the field and in 2021 he would sit down to meditate on his retirement from football.

Luka Modric, in a Real Madrid match


What has happened in these two years has been very different. And it is that Modric has shown that he wants to continue playing beyond 2021 and, in addition, continue doing so in the Real Madrid. With what he is doing this season it is difficult for anyone to say that Luka should not be renewed, something that will begin to work when the new year begins.

Modric has shown everyone that he was right when a few weeks ago he revealed his ‘secret’ to continue being a great footballer at 35: “I’m better when I play several games in a row than when they dose me,” he reflected from the concentration with Croatia. While everyone in Madrid worried that he would go too far with his team, he knew that the best thing for him was to keep playing.

That statement was a message for Zidane, who had left Modric on the bench against him. Barcelona, Borussia and Inter (both on the way out). On the return from the break, the French coach paid attention to his player and since then there has been no one to move him from the starting eleven. Wednesday of this week was his eighth game in a row (two of them with Croatia) that he is a starter and only in one (against Alaves) was replaced.

Luka Modric, during a Real Madrid training session

Luka Modric, during a Real Madrid training session

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1,160 ‘and no injuries

In just one month, Modric has played 713 minutes between his team and Madrid. In the white team he has 1,160 ‘in total, being the fourth player (the third on the field) who has played the most minutes, surpassed only by Thibaut Courtois, Raphael varane Y Karim Benzema. Zidane trusted him and Modric has responded with growing up.

You could say that Modric has another secret and that is the physical preparation that he takes for years to take care of his body. A diet and a routine of life and work measured in detail that has allowed him, for example, to be one of the only three footballers of the Real Madrid first team who have not been injured or infected by the coronavirus in the few months that they are in season. The others are 15 and 16 years old, respectively: Vinicius and Rodrygo.



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