Alaba, with Bayern Munich

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David Alaba has a free hand to leave the Bayern Munich in the next transfer market. The German team does not give any clue about its continuity and everything indicates, in view of the words that emerge from the Bavarian team, that the Austrian has not yet given any details about its renewal. Rummenigge, CEO of the entity, has confirmed this. A movement that leaves Real Madrid, one of the teams related to the defender, on alert.

“Each team rightly thinks about strengthening itself. In this situation, it is normal for the best European clubs to think about Alaba. Now it is up to him to make a decision about the future: maybe change team. Or maybe he thinks about it and decides to stay at Bayern. We will see “, he indicated in an interview for Tuttosport given the possibility of Alaba leaving the club towards, among others, the Juventus.

Optimism is conspicuous by its absence and adds to the different disagreements that have occurred between the parties involved. Bayern, it should be remembered, met up to two times with Alaba’s agent. The intention was to renew his contract before the imminent end of this. However, in neither meeting was Bayern the winner of the negotiating ‘game’.

Alaba, with Bayern Munich


What’s more, the conflict between Bayern and the player have come to light. First from the German team, where it was criticized that a “very good and fair offer, especially taking into account the current times “that Alaba rejected. In view of these statements, it was the player who stepped forward to counterattack the Bavarian entity.

I always stressed that I would have liked internal affairs to remain internal. I can understand the discomfort on the part of the fans, but they see everything from outside. I, who am inside, can assure you that the amounts that emerged out there are not true at all, “said Alaba. Bayern was always his” first option. “

With the negotiations broken and the market little by little taking shape despite the crisis, Alaba maintains the list of suitors.

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It is not the first time that David Alaba and Real Madrid share a headline. The Austrian has become one of the most experienced defenders in the European elite and his qualities on the pitch have convinced more than one. A multipurpose that could fit perfectly in a club like the meringue.

Those of Zidane They will not be the only ones and, if they seek their free incorporation, they would have to fight with other entities such as Juventus or Guardiola’s Manchester City, also related to the defender.

At 28, Alaba continues to be one of the pearls of the transfer market. If he does not renew, the fact that he can join any team for free is a plus. And if, in addition, that occurs at a difficult economic time like the current one, the Austrian accumulates many points to be the signing of the summer.

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