Odegaard's 22: adaptation to Real Madrid and a promise for the future

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He was the only signing of the season Real Madrid in the last summer and obviously the expectations are high with him. But for a 21-year-old it is not easy to reach the white team, succeed and stay. Martin Odegaard He seeks to fulfill that objective, a dream that has been marked this Thursday by blowing out the candles on his cake for his birthday. The Norwegian faces this event with optimism after receiving the news that he can now return to group training after overcoming his last injury.

His landing again on the Viking ship has not been easy. His role in the team is to be the fourth midfielder and, although from day one he has counted for Zidane, The Norwegian is feeling more tense than usual. It is not with the same freshness that it showed last year in the Real society. It is evident that putting on the Real Madrid shirt weighs in a special way. Even so, some sparkles have served to excite the merengue fans.

His arrival in 2014 was marked by controversy. An unknown boy came to Valdebebas to play with him Youth and the Castile. Inexperienced, but intended by all the greats of Europe, Real Madrid won a battle for the future. The boy who became the youngest player to make his debut for Real Madrid in the league at 16 years and 157 days now had a great opportunity. After going through Heerenveen and Speed, in the Eredivisie, in addition to that experience in First division from the last season, it’s your time.

Much has changed from that young man who played against Getafe in the 2014/2015. After doing his particular ‘military service’, Odegaard showed that he was ready to face the great challenge of settling in Real Madrid. Under the baton of Toni Kroos and with the vitola of being the heir to Luka Modric, the Norwegian is soaking up everything he sees in these two superstars to be his relay. It is not necessary to wait that long, because his commitment for this season is to tighten the nuts on these two players who are at a superlative level.


It is the most important step of your career. These first minutes in a mature way with Real Madrid are giving a glimpse of the future owner of the white midfield. The strategy with this player and the full confidence in his progression have been a success for the sports management. At Santiago Bernabeu They saw something that the rest did not appreciate, so they put all the eggs in their basket. Now the results will come to emphasize this management.

Two injuries have taken away the continuity that a member of this squad requires in order to settle. Example of Faith Valverde from last season is on the table. The Uruguayan made his hole taking advantage of the losses of important members of the white center of the field. He consolidated his position in a Spanish Super Cup in which he was essential, an example that Odegaard could repeat. If you do not suffer any more mishaps, you will arrive in top form for that appointment.

The Norwegian is already a reality at Real Madrid. He only has to take the final step, which goes through several memorable performances that penetrate the Madridista’s eye, so that his quality is definitively recognized. He has the most difficult judgment on the world scene behind him, but he has plenty of talent to get the merengue fan to finish convincing himself that he is facing a period player; and all that with only 22 years.

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