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“I will not resign,” he said Zinedine Zidane at a press conference. The French coach is the main one pointed out by the last defeat against him Shakhtar Donetsk, but above all for not having yet found the key to lift his wardrobe after a start to the season with more shadows than lights.

The Real Madrid He fell against Shakhtar Donetsk and Zidane was asked at a press conference if he planned to resign. The French technician answered no and in The beach bar, Josep Pedrerol he started the show talking about it. The journalist has assured that Florentino Pérez he cannot remove him.

Pedrerol has affirmed that Zizou has earned the right to decide his future, but he has also invited him to show his Madridismo by taking a step aside if he does not see himself capable of turning the current dynamic around. “And now what?”, The Catalan has asked himself over and over again, who asked the merengue coach: “What is the problem?”

And now that?

“Now what? Now what? Zidane, now what? It is not a gambling problem, it is not a Zidane problem, it is not an attitude problem. What is the problem?”

In doubt the method

“Does this Real Madrid train? Does this Real Madrid train tactically? Does it study the rival? Or are they all good words? All together, let’s fight, together until the end … It doesn’t strain anymore!”

They can’t kick Zidane out

“Anyone comes and paints your face. The Shakhtar Donetsk kids have painted your face today. And now what? I ask myself again. Florentino, what now? Hold on, hold on. Zidane has earned the right to decide when he leaves. He cannot be fired. Let Zidane resign, let him resign if he thinks he’s not capable. If he thinks the speech no longer reaches the players, let him resign.

Zidane, professional

“Zidane has shown that he is a guy who is a professional. He has left and forgave a year at Madrid He forgave a year. Zidane does not hold on to the chair. Surely not. Madridismo. But Florentino, you can’t kick him out, he has won the decision. “

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