Karim Benzema celebrates his goal against Borussia

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The Real Madrid it did not fail when it was not worth failing. The Real Madrid he won when he had to win, which was in another ‘final’. It is not clear if the white team will be able to maintain the version shown against him. Borussia Monchengladbach in minor games, but what was seen in the Of Stefano It gives so that the Madrid fans can get excited again because their team, when it comes to finals, only knows how to win them.

After the final whistle there were neither fists in the wind nor shouts of celebration; well, yes there were, but they were from the Borussia players. For those of Madrid to achieve the pass as the first to eighth of the Champions League it was an obligation. The job was done well and now the week can be rounded off in Saturday’s derby.

How can things change in just one week if Madrid win at Athletics in League. At the worst moment, when the team was teetering on a wire, it has floated out. Suddenly, the doubts are cleared and you believe again. This is Real Madrid and this is a team with several reinforced after yesterday.


The first cannot be another. Surely, Zidane had never been so close to dismissal as after the defeat against Shakhtar. Failing against Borussia would have been his end, but as he himself said in Tuesday’s press conference, no one wanted to hear the word Europa League, no firing or anything. There was only one option: to go to the second round, and if it was first, the better. Another ‘final’ that the French coach wins, an expert even in critical moments.

Karim Benzema celebrates his goal against Borussia



Benzema has a hole in the history of Real Madrid. He has earned it. Yesterday he made it a little bigger by beating a record of Roberto Carlos. He also continues to mouth those who argue that it is not a ‘9’. His two goals are important news for the white team, since there is no other that contributes to the goal what he did. He has already 8 goals this season.

Modric and Kroos

Modric was the star and Kroos it was spotless. They will be 35 and 30 years old, respectively, but yesterday the Real Madrid midfielder couple showed that time passes differently for them. Against Borussia they again gave a master class on how to play football, each in their own way.

With Faith Valverde Y Odegaard About to return, Zidane is faced with one of those great problems that sometimes arise when choosing his starting eleven.

Lucas and Rodrygo

Zidane’s best success in his eleven against Borussia was to put Lucas Vazquez Y Rodrygo on the right wing. Madrid turned to their part of the field and they responded with two centers, each better, which Benzema was in charge of finishing with a header.

Lucas continues to vindicate himself and is going to make it difficult for Carvajal and Rodrygo has earned continuity as a starter again. What was seen yesterday is that the two understand each other very well and the Brazilian is ideal to help defensively the Galician, whose work field is 100 meters long.

Courtois and Sergio Ramos avoid an Alassane Plea occasion

Courtois and Sergio Ramos avoid an Alassane Plea occasion


Sergio Ramos

The captain returned and with him did order. Sergio Ramos He did not have too much work against Borussia, but greater tranquility was noticed in the back with his presence. He is the most important player of Real Madrid in the fact of simply being. With him things are seen differently and he defends himself better.

TO Early he looks more leisurely when he doesn’t have to be the one organizing the rear. And what to say about Sergio and his output of the ball, probably the best in a center in years. A player capable of carrying the spirit of an entire team.

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