Sergio Ramos, the real The Best: 11 years in the elite and leading the best Real Madrid

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Sergio Ramos and the Real Madrid. Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos. Two indissoluble parts and whose individual history of recent years cannot be understood without the other. The merengue captain continues to settle worldwide and, after taking over the position of best defense in history in the capital entity, that of Beds it wants to do it also internationally. That is if you haven’t already.

The Spanish was the only representative of national football who spoke during the gala of the FIFA in which he presented The Best awards. Ramos acted as spokesperson for the players chosen for the best eleven of the year. An alignment in which the central, together with Thiago Alcantara, was also the only Spanish player present.

The merengue captain, in the figure of veteran and captain, thanked all the colleagues who had voted for the support. Praised by the presenter, Sergio Ramos explained the reason for his great level of form despite the 34 years he looks. And, in addition, he showed that more institutional facet to sign one of the best speeches of the night. The Sevillian remembered the victims of the Covid-19 and highlighted the awards given to women’s football during the FIFA gala.

“Let’s keep fighting in this match we have not yet won. Together we have to fight it and we are sure to win, “he recalled about the coronavirus pandemic.” One of the keys is to always maintain the illusion, the ambition and that hunger to win“, he detailed about his great physical fitness despite extensive experience in the elite.

Sergio Ramos was the protagonist and managed to extend his continental leadership to a decade. There are ten years in which the Real Madrid player has appeared consecutively in the best eleven of FIFA. A guarantee center, confirmed by the sports institution and which reflects its relevance in the history of football. In addition, it must be remembered that he previously made another appearance, although not followed. 11 seasons among the best on the planet.

Key and historical

Sergio Ramos knows what Real Madrid is. He has gone through successful times, crises that are difficult to bear and, in recent years, the soul of the merengue team has emerged. Nobody sees the team Zidane without the camero and, when she has had to be forced off for physical reasons, the merengue team has ended up noticing it.

The central has more than 600 games with the white elastic. And this start to the season explains why it has been able to reach such a figure. So far this campaign he has played 13 of the 19 games he has played the real Madrid. And in the six cases that have prevented him from signing a plenary session, injuries are involved. First the knee and then the fiber break with Spain. With him on the pitch, Madrid has had two defeats. Without him, in just six games, three punctures and a draw.

His legend, as can be seen, continues to grow. From the header in the Champions League final against Atlético de Madrid to finishing last season with 13 goals. From the irregularity at the beginning of the last decade to commanding the four Champions in five seasons. Or, without going any further, last year’s double with a perfect League final and a great Super Cup against the rojiblanco team.

As he already indicated in his day Florentino PérezOnce the league title had been won, Sergio Ramos is part of Real Madrid: “Sergio will be here all his life […]. He has been more than just a captain. He has led the team with enormous leadership, he was a pineapple and he has held a very important place in this work. “

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