Szoboszlai celebrates a goal for Salzburg

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Dominik Szoboszlai it had been one of the fashionable names in European football, especially of late. The transfer market was closed and rumors about a possible player move occurred almost every minute. Without a doubt, his youth, his talent and the fact that he was not a well-known footballer for the general public made him a great attraction.

It was a young promise who could land on a great Europe, a player of those who is not as controlled as the Mbappe, Haaland, Sancho or Camavinga, but of which they point wonders and that, therefore, could be a very important signing for the team to which he arrived.

The Hungarian player of the Salzburg, just 20 years old, has acquired a great impact in recent months and has been strongly associated with the Real Madrid. Various information pointed out that the club and, especially Zinedine Zidane, they were interested in taking over the Hungarian player. However, the club has decided that it will not make signings unless a unique opportunity presents itself.

Szoboszlai celebrates a goal for Salzburg


Meanwhile, there have already been other teams that have moved their tab in the case of Dominik Szoboszlai and that have pointed directly to his signing to the point that the Hungarian could have a new destiny, leaving Salzburg definitively after his great explosion as one of the great talents of European football.

As reported Sky, the RB Leipzig has launched fully into the signing of the Hungarian player and would have already reached an agreement to close the terms corresponding to his salary. In addition, his clause of 25 million seems a very affordable amount for the German team that will be made with one of the fashionable footballers in European football for a quite reasonable price.

In this way, Szoboszlai will set course for the Bundesliga and will put aside the interest shown by other big clubs such as Arsenal or the Bayern Munich, surely accepting an intermediate step in his projection before consummating his leap to a great one in Europe. The Hungarian prefers to go slowly and build his career by taking sure and firm steps rather than paying attention to the speculations and rumors that have existed about his fate in recent times.

Agreement closed

The agreement between all parties is imminent and the Salzburg sporting director has already been in Leipzig to finalize the last details of an operation that could be made official in the coming days, since the intention of the German club that Nagelsmann trains is to make it official prior to Christmas.

Julian Nagelsmann

The journey of Christoph friend to Germany It served to give the final acceleration to the negotiations and to confirm an operation that will undoubtedly leave all the great teams in Europe without one of the players who had sounded the most in recent weeks in the face of the winter market that will open in a few days .

Szoboszlai has made the decision to continue playing the Champions and for this reason his new destination fits perfectly with his claims. This season he has already scored 6 goals, two of them in the top European competition, and has distributed 9 assists, so his performance in this new season leaves little doubt of his great potential.

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