Zinedine Zidane, with a white Real Madrid cap, in the band

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Zinedine Zidane not going through his best moment in the Real Madrid. The French coach has been in the center of the spotlight after the latest results. There are those who have come to speak of a resignation. However, as EL BERNABÉU has advanced, both Florentino Pérez as the squad they have transferred their support to the merengue coach.

In addition, he himself made it clear that he would not resign after the defeat against Shakhtar. “I’m not resigning at all. We were very good in the first half, we deserved a goal. By scoring a goal we would have changed everything. But by putting them in, they did us a lot of damage. We had two or three occasions, we hit the stick, but I didn’t want to go in and then it was complicated, “he said after the stumble in the Champions League.

Zidane has credit ahead and there are several decisive meetings to know his future and that of Real Madrid. Meanwhile, those who know him best have conveyed their public support. Iker Casillas, a Real Madrid exporter and an expert on what is happening in the merengue team, he transferred his support and confidence to the team’s coach.

He is a magnificent coach, a good friend and will do everything possible to have Madrid as high up as possible, “explained Iker Casillas. According to the former goalkeeper,” you cannot live from the past “at Real Madrid. Something that always haunts Zidane with those three Consecutive Champions with the white team.

Zinedine Zidane, with a white Real Madrid cap, in the band


However, the French coach “you have earned the right to trust him“, he assured during the awards of the newspaper Ace. Real Madrid has an anticipated final in the Champions League ahead, with a derby very close on the calendar and with several decisive games for the future in La Liga. Confidence in Zidane comes from different sources and the technician will have several tests ahead of him.

Casillas, beyond talking about the coach, also did about his nearest future. The man from Móstoles is expected to join the merengue club as an ambassador and, therefore, he repeated that “Real Madrid” is his “home” and “if the time comes to work for the club in the capital,” it will be nice to come back. “. Something that in no case will be as a coach since his aspirations do not follow that path. “I will get the title of coach, but my vocation is not to train“, he explained to Efe.

A new life

The goalkeeper has completely changed his lifestyle. Iker suffered a heart attack during a workout with him Port and felt how he could not breathe. He ignored it and continued with his preparation. However, there came a point where he had to lie down on the grass. He was having a heart attack and hardly knew it. He himself, in a documentary, has explained it.

An incident that forced him to retire from the pitch and start a new life linked to sport. The one that indicates that he will not continue on the bench as a professional coach, but in another way.

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