Luka Modric celebrates his goal against Eibar

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He Real Madrid has to face several important renovations in this 2021 that is about to begin and one of them is that of a Luka Modric that, at 35, is performing as the best of his career. And it is that after an impeccable career and full of titles, the Croatian has returned to the trigger with a superlative performance so far this season. When its decline seemed closer, he himself has taken it upon himself to drive it away.

He ‘The Best‘ and Golden Ball In 2018 he has insisted that his football continue to make the merengue fans enjoy for several reasons, while the sports management assesses what is the best plan for the Croatian. His contract expires in 2021 and the usual formula for players of his age is already known: go year by year evaluating his situation. It is clear that, at this level, they cannot say no to a Modric who is already an emblem of Real Madrid.

The Croatian legend has reached all his heights in the white entity, but he still has a rope for a while. The 35 are the new 25, or at least that’s the way it is for a Modric who doesn’t seem to see his level diminished. After what Zidane has established a more fixed eleven to face this part of the season, the Croatian has found his place and has no intention of moving despite the load of encounters on his legs begins to be considerable. Now it is up to the offices to move a file.

Superlative level

In this 2020/2021 He has shown himself as the best of the team in several games. Modric missed his first game of this season with his absence in Pomegranate, the first moment of this campaign in which he has shown signs of exhaustion with those physical problems that kept him from the crash. Meanwhile, the other 1,400 minutes that they show their dashboard have been pure magic for their teammates, who see in it the reference of the midfield.

Luka Modric celebrates his goal against Eibar


Although he has also been the protagonist in some defeats of the meringues when they faced the most irregular moment of the year, the Croatian has also led the team when they have done better football. Moving throughout the field, circulating the white possession, taking the pressure of the team and contributing to the victories also with goals, Modric has taken leading stripes in the face of notorious absences such as Bouquets or Benzema to lead the collective towards the path of triumph.

Meringue emblem

After all the recognitions of their careers, Real Madrid and Luka Modric have a relationship more than forged through the successes they share. Nobody doubts when it comes to pointing out the midfielder as one of the chosen ones of this club. It’s history and his legacy will go down to mark you as one of the best in his position. The Champions, the assists to give important victories and some authentic goals will always be in the club’s video library.

Get out of Real Madrid well

It is not easy to be remembered as a legend in this club, a renewal and a friendly exit that could even mean the end of his career in the entity would reinforce his position in history. With very important examples in the pipeline, not all meringues legends have managed to have the goodbye they dreamed of. That is why its renewal could also have sustenance when it comes to putting Luka Modric on the historical ladder.

Cost effectiveness

If he continues at this level, having one more year with Luka Modric is more than profitable. It would be a cheap transfer in terms of quality / price at a time when it is difficult to get new players. The market is a utopia with a situation in which the economy is more than depleted. Midfielders of the Croatian quality, in addition to what this means for the club, are nowhere to be found considering the environment in which football currently operates.

Modric against Atlético de Madrid

Modric against Atlético de Madrid

The league

While it is true that there are players like Martin Odegaard or Dani ceballos that are owned by the entity and that could take the step to replace him, the reality is that the transition is sweeter with him in the template. While the Norwegian continues to gain confidence in the white jersey with all fingers signaling him as the successor to his legacy, Modric can still give the meringues afternoons of glory with quality minutes.

More magic

Beside Casemiro and Kroos, Modric has formed one of the most dominant midfields not only in the club’s history, but also in the history of football. These three players ensure magic when they are together and another year could be another pleasure to behold. Any entity would see it as a real luxury to be able to have a trivote like this among its options, one more question to take into account when assessing the dimension of the Croatian renewal.

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